Pemba falls out of the car window, and bystanders miraculously save her

Pemba falls out of the car window, and bystanders miraculously save her

A video clip from China has captured the attention of many viewers, as it shows a terrible accident involving a little girl and a Tesla car at a busy intersection in Ningbo. on a quiet day, little girlbent on playing in the carsuddenly falls off back window for the car. The driver, we don’t know if it’s a parent, doesn’t notice anything and continues his journey unaware of what happened.

However, luck will have it other motorists Those who passed through the area knew about the incident and responded immediately. after he testifies Little girl falling on the asphaltThose present immediately stopped. Obstructing surrounding traffic To avoid more risks and ensure the safety of the little child.

The heroic tackle of a man in a plaid shirt proved decisive. Without hesitation, yes it is Get close to the girlwhose fragility was evident, and he did so with ease Believer On the road side. Despite the reassuring outcome of the video, no further details about the aftermath of the accident are currently available. It is not yet clear if the authorities have taken measures against the motorist Tesla or whether an investigation was conducted to better understand what happened.

We remind you that it is necessary to adopt all necessary measures to ensure their safety, including the correct use of window blocking systems and standard child seats, which are mandatory in Italy. car seats Safety devices designed for Protect children during car trips. It is designed to adapt to the different stages of growth of children, and provide them with adequate protection and Reduce the risk of injury In the event of a traffic accident.

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