5-3 in the first set

5-3 in the first set

8.11pm – Sinner leads 4-3 in the first set

Yannick takes his turn at bat without any problems. The Dutchman then holds serve at 30 and thus remains at the top of the first set.

8.05pm – Sinner's Rest

Sinner had another break point, and this time Lan converted with a brilliant forehand pass down the line. Break in the fifth game, Sinner took a 3-2 lead on serve in the first set.

8.01pm – Tie in the first set

The sinner steps up to bat. Yannick carries the 15-year-old with a very strong game.

7.56pm – Sinner does not convert three break points

Two good responses for Sinner, the oblivious Van De Zandschulp printing a backhand at 15-30 along the line on the bar: 15-40, the first break point was annulled by a combination of serve and forehand, and on the second Jannik's return was annulled by a few centimetres. But the South Tyrol player got back to break point thanks to another error from Van de Zandschulp, who also canceled out a third chance with a good cross-court backhand, then held serve in the fourth game of his match. The Dutchman is playing a delicate game.

7.45pm – Sinner holds the line

There are two forehand errors for Sinner, who gets two straight points on serve and holds his first serve. We are 1-1 in the first group.

7.44pm – Match begins

Once they're gone, the Dutchman serves and with three aces holds serve at 15. Now it's the sinner's turn.

Sinner and Van de Zandschulp took to the field. We will leave soon.

7.10pm – Sinner and Positive Tradition in Rotterdam

It is not Jannik Sinner's first participation in the ATP 500 tournament in Rotterdam: it is a court (indoor hard court) that has always brought luck for the blue player, who achieved his first victory over a top 10 player in his career in Rotterdam, that is David Goffin. Then he lost the final last year to Daniil Medvedev.

6.49pm – Because he is the hero we have been waiting for for half a century

Sinner is the hero Italy has been waiting for for nearly half a century: 22 years old, he looks like a veteran, and he has the work ethic passed down to him by his parents. “I looked at the sky and said to myself: I played a great game.” I read here Complete article

6.34pm – Panatta: “It depends on the head and it remembers Nadal.”

Italian tennis has not won a major tournament in 48 years, since Adriano Panatta's victory in Paris in 1976. The former Italian champion himself spoke like this courier To his heir: “He never exaggerated, polite and intelligent. He is cold and not shivering from anything. From this point of view, he reminds me of Nadal, the one who never gives up 15 points, who fights for the first ball of the match as if it were the last. “He will win a lot more than me and he has an answer worthy of Djokovic.”

Jannik Sinner was not shy about asking questions: Why did he choose to stay in Monte Carlo: “The best thing there is that there are many players you can train with, perfect facilities, different gyms, good pitches. “I feel at home, I feel good there, I have a normal life, I can go to the supermarket without problems.”

5.53pm – Dedication to parents that touched everyone

Jannik Sinner – who won the Australian Open at the age of 22 years and 165 days, and is the youngest king after Djokovic (20 years and 250 days in 2008) – during the award ceremony he gave very kind words towards his parents, a dedication he made early in the world. “For a parent to abandon their child so early is not an easy thing. We have missed many things.” Read the full article here.

5.30pm – He can become the world No3, here's how

At the ATP 500 tournament in Rotterdam, where he reached the final last year, Jannik Sinner could become the new world No. 3, thus overtaking Daniil Medvedev and setting a new absolute record in the history of Italian tennis. Here's how he can do it. Click here to view the full article.

5.10pm – Sinner returns to the field after the rejection in Sanremo

Raw 17:00 – Sinner-van de Zandschulp Federer dove on TV

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