Tennis, ATP Finals: Tsitsipas retires, Rod replaced

The Greek was supposed to take the field tonight against Ruud. The British are in charge. After Berrettini, the last 10 players forced to stop in Turin

From our reporter Federica Cocchi

minus two. Next from Matteo Berrettini, who gave way to Yannick Sener yesterday with an abdominal problem, here is the second brilliant desertion at the ATP Finals in Turin. This time it was Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, who was stopped by an elbow problem: in his place was the second reserve, Britain’s Cameron Norrie. This particular injury had kept Tsitsi in the balance in the days leading up to the tournament, bolstering Sinner’s hopes of making it to the Round Robin. The Greek was already on his way to Basel where today he will undergo a visit to the facility to assess what to do.

here is my nori

The Greek played the first match on Monday, losing 6-4 with a double from Rublev, and then yesterday had to interrupt the training session with his sparring partner Samir Banerjee at the Circolo della Stampa Sporting training center due to an elbow injury. Annoyance. A discussion in the family ensued that lasted several minutes and left Stefanos completely shaken. So at 21 tonight, it will be Nouri who will challenge Norwegian Rudd in the second singles for the day.

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