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01 August 2022

In the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the European U-18 champion achieved a long-term direct qualification with 7.85. Surprise runner with 19 hundred lead in 100. In the final Benedetti (difficult) and Carcano (3000 steeplechase)

good debut blue ai FIFA U-20 World Cup From Cali. to Mattia Forlani The first jump is enough to reach the qualifiers for the Italian long jump final, scheduled for tomorrow evening (11.15pm): the 7.85 size European Under-18 champion who in Colombia challenges athletes two years older, to supremacy. category. Today’s surprise is 10.25 for Alessio (+0.2) Fagin In the 100 metres, his personal best improved by nearly a tenth (he had 10.44), first place in his battery and green disc for tomorrow’s semi-final, with the second edition of the Italian U-20 time test on a par with Pavoni and Miloso, at only a tenth From the record of Filippo Torto (10.15). Agnes qualifies for the final Carcano In 3000 hedges (10: 37.08), Martina was promoted to semi-finalists Kanazah In the 800s with 2:08.69. The afternoon session (Italian evening) also got the job done for Benedetta Benedetti Which catches the final on disk with 50.22 after two nulls.

One shot Forlani – The technique of jumping has improved compared to the more school method in Jerusalem: flying steps have replaced sliding less than a month ago. Mattia Forlani He finds more and more emotions with the long jump, and when the number 7.85 (+0.8) appears on the screen that takes him to the final, the 17-year-old from Rieti stretches his arms to show his satisfaction. The job is done with minimal effort: it takes no more than a jump to land among the top twelve. Beyond him, only Cuban Alejandro Parada touches down with a crew of 7.95 (+0.1), while the under-20 world champion, Erwan Konate (France), a man of 8.12, remains provisionally behind him, appreciating 7.80 from a direct pass (+0.8). Green light with 7.69 (+0.6) for seasonal leader Johnny Brackens (USA). Instead, the other blue Samuel leaves the scene Baldi: With 7.25 (+0.6) it’s the twenty-third.

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FAGGIN SPEED – Strong yes. But it was hard to imagine him at 10.25 in the first round. Padawan Alessio Fagin It stuns in battery at 100 meters with a 19 cents lead over the time achieved on the Tricolori U20 at Rieti (10.44 upwind). Light, interactive, the start is quality, but it is above all the launch stage that deserves to be commended: it sucks up all the competition (South African Tshifura 10.36, Zambian Sitali 10.38) and takes partial success on the battery, signing it for the sixth time overall from the first round, at an altitude of about a thousand meters above sea level at the Pascual Guerrero stadium. Moving to the semi-finals, however, failed for the pupil Eduardo Lombard Whoever holds a lane next to the most talented in the world championship, this is the under-20 world record holder Lytsel Tibogo (9.94 in Eugene): Botswana runner bets gold with 10.00 of the championship record while the Napoli who trains in Ostia is not enough third place at 10.53 .

Half forward welding Promoted to Agnes Carcano: Veronese reached the 3000 steeplechase final with a time of 10:37.08 and a gritty race, placing eighth in her battery, and fourteenth in the overall summary, led by Kenyan Faith Cherotic (9:38.18). He will be back on track on Thursday, when the time in Italy is just past midnight (0.20), for the hedges final. Martina forward too Kanazah Who landed in the 800m semi-final with 2:08.69: She is fifth in her (second) qualifying and her time trial continues until the end of the first round as a later time. Tomorrow at 11.10 pm the date of the round in which the final match will be awarded will be determined.

first transformations – nothing for Anna Musci in weight. Pugliese does not exceed 13.10, on first launch, then commits null and closes with 11.51. An affordable 14.63 was needed for the final. Thomas also eliminated seraphim In the 1500m: Belluno is fifth on his battery, and he’s 15th overall with a time of 3:47.55, just under a second from the last useful replay (3:46.60).

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Benedict in the final – In the afternoon session of Cali, on the third and final launch of Benedetta Benedetti hits the mark. With some excitement, he immediately collects two empty points to qualify to face a test without resumption. But then, the Blues manage to put on the right shoulder: 50.22 which equals the sixth measure of the playoff round, so the Romanian will be able to try out her second world final, Wednesday night just after midnight (0.16), a year later. Eighth place from Nairobi.

Evening Damiano’s race finished early with 110 hurdles serrated That while the summoning leg remains attached to the fifth barrier and with his hand he knocks the sixth. Thus, first-round disqualification for an under-18 Roman is inevitable, up to that point in line with a useful third place for a straight pass to the semi-finals. In a 4×400 hybrid, Azzurri crosses the finish line in first place in battery. The Bahamas and Nigeria do not start, Tommaso from Livorno starts from the blocks Bonetti Who gave the wand to Zoe Tisarulu. Vicenza overtakes the Czech Republic and takes second place, then Ligurian Marco Zunino He sets himself on the heels of Botswana, so that Roman schoolgirl Gloria immediately takes the lead Kabango Feature increase (3:25.14 time of trial). A few minutes later comes the disqualification, due to a lane offense detected in Boninti who touched the curve several times with his foot. The Lombards Emmanuel were also eliminated Musomare Which was no better than 17.35 on the third entry on the podium, in the race that opened with zero and went on with 16.83.

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Decathlon – Alberto nonino Decathlon started improving with 11.21 in 100 (-1.9), then 7.06 in height (-0.9) and 11.70 in weight. In the top 1.87 for Friulian, who On the 400 he charges his right-handed in the second part of the race and runs at 51.57, not far from the staff. Halfway through, the blue is 21st with 3661 points, and in the lead is the Dutchman Gabriel Emmanuel (4276).

medals – Two live finals in the extended middle distance to allocate the first titles for this edition. In the 3000 women, the break was on the last lap by Betty Chelangat (Kenya, 9:01.03) but no weakness because in second place is Tsiyon Abebe (Ethiopia, 9:03.85), and other Kenyan third Nancy Sherop (9:05.98). A more tactical race on 5,000 men and five of them playing on the podium. The gold went to Ethiopian Addisu Yihune (14:03.05), already known in Italy for success this year in the Campaccio classic cross in San Giorgio su Legnano and for having raced at 13:02.10 at the Castiglione meeting in Grosseto, which ran quickly ruled by two athletes from Eritrea : Marahawi Mbrahetu (14:03.33) and Habtoum Samuel (14:03.67 return), back in bronze a year later in the 3000m.

He lives – The U-20 World Cup in Cali is broadcast live on TV from Monday 1 to Saturday 6 August RaiSport + HD In the Italian era (from about 4 pm) and in the Italian evening (from about 10 pm). Live broadcast on Ray Play.

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