Sarri: “Juventus? It was a journey of great suffering. As a Napoli fan, I suffered.”

Sarri: “Juventus? It was a journey of great suffering. As a Napoli fan, I suffered.”

Maurizio Sarri He recently ended his experience in Lazio, but has not yet received offers, at least from Italian League clubs, as he himself explained to… Corriere della Sera: “Unfortunately, that’s how it is. And frankly I’m a bit sorry, there were free places in teams that I imagined could be useful for me. And I wasn’t even asked to chat. The bosses decide, of course. But I deserved to be listened to.” Not less than a quarter of an hour.”

What if it was because of the labels attributed to him over the years?
“Busy calendars and a stadium that is often not up to standard? Yes, I repeat that. The point is that Klopp and Guardiola said that too but no one commented. If Sarri is the one complaining, the heavens will open.” I will ask you a question: Will he be allowed to be operated on by a surgeon with a rusty scalpel? “Well, a footballer can’t play on an unsuitable pitch.”

Despite this, he won the Italian League title with Juventus.
“It was a journey full of suffering, with a lot of disagreements within the family. Let’s say that as a Napoli fan, I was suffering. I shouldn’t have left Chelsea, that’s all.”

Is it the mistake you complain about the most?
“There is no doubt. There were good grounds for staying, I made a huge mistake. We won the Europa League, the project was great but I wanted to return to Italy, unfortunately.”

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