Mercedes revolution: Allison returns to replace Elliott | FP – Formula 1

Mercedes revolution: Allison returns to replace Elliott |  FP – Formula 1

Mercedes, Alison, and Elliot switch roles

there Mercedes Physiognomy change. It doesn’t just do it on the track, however, with the W14 soon to abandon the concept zero sidepods For another one similar to Red Bull, but also at the top. In fact, the artistic team changes, as James Allison and Mike Elliott switch roles. To be precise, the former Ferrari driver left the technical director position after just over a year to take over as technical director, until Elliott recently took over. This was announced by team boss Toto Wolff.

Wolfe’s words

The decision was made thanks to ElliottSo we reversed roles. Mike has moved on to the position of Chief Technical Officer, where he has a bright and absolute science mind. Alisson returned to his role as technical director-Reporting to MikeThese are the words of the Austrian declaration Motorsports. “Mike’s assessment is that with James we have a gladiator in the field: everyone will throw themselves into the fire for him and with him. Mike comes to the conclusion that his skills are best used when used to develop the organization in the future. It is about creating a structure that can be permanently successful in the next generation. We are seeing huge changes in technical developments, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and at the same time it is about understanding how the modern Formula 1 team is structured and organized. And I am very glad that Mike single-handedly decided on this role, that he and James came to this conclusion, We can make the most of both“.

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Fighting with Elliot

In recent days, Wolff and Elliott have clashed over the W14’s performance, to the point where the Austrian and the team decided to make it Back off this concept zero sidepods It was promoted and wanted by the British, who insisted that it be proposed again in 2023. However, with poor results, so much so that now Allison will have a greater operational role on the device, while Elliot – as Wolfe asserts – will have more programming tasks.

Other changes

The change comes at a delicate moment for Mercedes, which will revolutionize the car at Imola in the hope of being able to fight for second place and undercut Aston Martin, now Red Bull the number one power on a permanent basis. Brackley’s team will be making more changes to the career profile of its chief designer: Giacamo dove He has been moved to the new position of Director of Engineering and will work closely with lead designer John Owen.

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