2022 Nobel Prize in Physics calls ‘the climate emergency’ a ‘serious corruption of science’

2022 Nobel Prize in Physics calls ‘the climate emergency’ a ‘serious corruption of science’

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The co-winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics a Strong attack To the novel “climate emergency,” calling it “a grave corruption of science that threatens the global economy and the well-being of billions of people.” Dr. John Clauser notes that misleading climate science has “turned into a massive pseudoscience of journalistic shock”.

Dr. Clauser is an aphorism Universal authorities in quantum mechanics, the study of matter and light at the subatomic and atomic levels. In 2010 he was awarded the Wolf Prize in Physics, which is considered the second most prestigious award after the Nobel Prize. His comments will help cast further doubt on the blatant lie that 99% of scientists believe humans are the cause of all or most of climate change. Physicists, along with chemists, play a dominant role in the study of climatology, which mainly focuses on heat exchange and the behavior of atmospheric gases.

In contrast, Clauser continues, pseudo-climatology has become a scapegoat for a wide range of other unrelated ills. It has been promoted and expanded upon by corporate marketers, politicians, journalists, government agencies, and misguided environmental advocates alike. “In my opinion, there is no true climate crisis. However, there is a very real problem in ensuring a decent standard of living for the largest population in the world and an ensuing energy crisis. The latter is unnecessarily exacerbated by what I believe to be flawed climate science,” he added.

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Dr. Clauser is not the first Nobel laureate in physics to challenge the “established” scientific and political narrative about climate change. The Global Climate Declaration has been signed by about 300 climate professors and declares: “There is no climate emergency.” the The first site Ivar Guievre is a Nobel Prize winner. It is argued that climate models are “not yet accepted as tools of global policy”. The ad states that they exaggerate the impact of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, but ignore any beneficial effects. Climate science has degenerated into a belief-based discussion rather than a robust self-critical science.

Professor Antonino Zecicchi is the recipient of Italy’s highest honor, Cavalier di Gran Croce dell’Ordine al Meretto della Repubblica Italiana, awarded for a lifetime of high-level scientific work, including numerous discoveries in the field of sub-nuclear physics. In 2019 he led a group of 48 Italian science professors In declaring that human responsibility for climate change is “unjustifiably exaggerated and catastrophic predictions unrealistic”. According to their scientific opinion, “Natural variability explains a large part of the global warming observed since 1850”.

Recently, four Italian scientists, including three professors of physics, conducted a major revision of Historical climate trends He concluded that the declaration of a “climate emergency” was not supported by the data. For many categories of meteorology, there was no clear “positive trend of extreme events”. Of course, choosing single bad or “extreme” weather events provides the main firepower to convince the population that global and mass deindustrialization must occur within less than 30 years. Last September, respected nuclear physicist Wallace Mannheimer warned that net zero It would have put an end to modern civilization. He noted that new wind and solar infrastructure will fail, cost trillions of dollars, destroy vast swathes of the environment and “will be completely useless.” He added that the “climate industrial complex” had succeeded “somehow” in convincing many that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a gas necessary for life on Earth that is exhaled with every breath, is an “environmental poison”.

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Clouser was recently elected to the board of directors of the Virginia-based CO2 Coalition, a group of about 120 scientists and researchers representing a broad range of climate disciplines. Welcoming Clouser to the board, distinguished atmospheric scientist William Haber, professor emeritus at Princeton University, said his climate studies have provided strong evidence that there is no climate crisis and that rising carbon dioxide concentrations will benefit the world. Haber is a leading proponent of the “saturation” hypothesis for heating gases such as carbon dioxide, noting that at certain levels these gases become saturated in small ranges of the infrared spectrum. As a result, its heating capacity decreases on a logarithmic scale, an observation that helps explain the 600 million year geological history in which measurements of carbon dioxide were 20 times higher than current atmospheric levels.

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