New scientific advances improve the quality of life of children with autism

New scientific advances improve the quality of life of children with autism

The latest scientific studies show us how to apply High-pressure oxygen (TOHB) The hyperbaric chamber improves some disorders suffered by children with autism.

to Clinics group They do this treatment for autism patients, and they show us a real case where a mother tells us about her experience and how her child developed after the treatment High-pressure oxygen (TOHB).

Dalisi, tells us this video Her experience and how hyperbaric oxygen therapy affected her son with autism.

the benefits Of treatment High-pressure oxygen (TOHB) This is due to increased blood flow to the brain and digestive system Greater access of oxygen to all body tissues.

Medical professionals point out that the brains of boys and girls with autism spectrum disorder have lower blood flow. The ability to breathe high concentrations of oxygen and transport it in the blood is achieved Significant progress in:

  • Attention
  • Relationship with family and environment
  • Socialization
  • Strengthen muscle strength and the immune system

The effects vary from patient to patient and depend on each individual case. The length and frequency of sessions is key to reaping the benefits It should be indicated by medical professionals.

Boys and girls They can enter the hyperbaric chamber with toys and electronic devices to entertain them During the session. They are also supervised at all times by health workers and parents can be present in the same room. Children do not feel isolated because they have contact with their relatives and health care assistants at all times via phone, and they also have visual contact through a glass in the room.

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In Sant Cugat they carry out this treatment in Torreblanca Clinic Offline support or information about the hyperbaric chamber in one Free informational visit Where all doubts can be solved.

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