The ‘first house’ tax return: is it just science fiction?

a Economic Standard Always in the spotlight isextension subordinate tax base. Except in certain cases, taxes can only be referred to or referenced Revenues or ai consumption or ai origins. Given a given level of public spending, an ideal example would be to spread its cost over each of the three tax rules listed above, so that we can apply the lowest rates possible (“pay less, pay all”). It is reasonable to expect that if we focus the tax burden on a particular sector of production (or on a particular type of consumption or on a particular segment of a country), this will be more difficult than would be done by “spreading” the same tax – generally on a broader basis .

L ‘The current Italian tax system Just give it flawtends to be selective, you should restore a more “global” approach. Not surprisingly, even recently, the International Monetary Fund, once again, recommended that sought there tax base.

Visible taxes and hidden taxes. The sector that has, for some time, been the greatest tension between political and economic approaches to taxation is the sector Properties. Perhaps the explanation derives from his book Transparency. While few are able to estimate how much they pay as indirect (consumption) and income taxes, nearly everyone is at least familiar with the size of their IMU tax. If from the point of view of the rulers I best regards They are the mysterious people, and can only be identified by professionals, for a politician who wants to stir interest and agree with the anti-tax controversy, the first objective is the property tax; This is more understandable if we consider that possessions include the house, or the receptacle of the many feelings associated with the family.

For the sake of fairness. Political media gossip about land registration From the past few months it was largely avoidable because land registration as a methodevaluation subordinate Taxable is a tool horizontal justice Aim to put equal positions on the same level. there periodic review from U.S land registrationwhich would be physiological even in non-problematic cases such as the Italian case, There is no need for a plus there tax burden; For this purpose the rates are corrected. as a principleThe update is “for the same revenue”This is a condition that nevertheless requires that some pay more (with negative political repercussions) and some less (with likely no political repercussions).

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However, not surprisingly, the Italian Land Registry Suffers also because ofillegal building It is a phenomenon that is not only from the past, although it is not uniformly distributed over the national territory. Airbet (Tuscany Regional Institute for Economic Planning) estimates it stretch L ‘IMU ai Real estate is now a “ghost” (Excluding main houses) Municipalities will generate additional revenue of about 700 million.

One cannot but consider that in recent times another motive for starting land registration has ripened. the different Construction Bonusesincluding 110% which is an unprecedented proportion among the various incentives to invest, has proven to be a lot expensive To the state treasury and contributed significantly to the fort rebound in GDP Registered in 2021. Although the generosity of the facilities has made it also available to operators in not very prosperous economic conditions, it is likely that the rewards will be in favor of more wealthy individuals. Therefore, the Real estate registry reviewwhich is necessary in itself, does not deprive economic policy of the traditional position in favor of bricks.

Great returns. Neglecting personal income tax and rent voucher, the mortgaged property From Property Taxes Contribute to meeting the spending needs of the state, with its various joints, in a consistent manner. In 2019, municipalities collected 13.4 billion IMUs, to which must be added (approximately) 3.6 billion state related IMUs (related to buildings for productive use), as well as registration and mortgage tax revenue (4.8 and 1.6 billion respectively, much of it due to sales ). It would be an illusion to think that we can go below these values ​​in light of the general conditions of public finances and the economy.

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If you want to unlock spaces for Tax exemptionthese would only be able to concentrate on the wages of the worker of labor production (tax wedge). The benchmark analysis of international economic organizations suggests a strict tax hierarchy with respect to growth: Recipe He, with the same revenue, Lower taxes on labor and profits.

municipalities. In the Italian case, one is desirable Reordering between levels of government subordinate real estate tax According to the lines indicated by it financial authorization Furthermore, she does not seem to have aroused much interest in the current discussion.

The financial mandate does not only suggest that Now part state FromIMU he goes for municipalities, but also envisages an equal transmission of tax incidents to real estate transactions. The idea is appreciated because it will strengthen the relationship between tax collection and the authorities whose behavior (quality and quantity of services, infrastructures, regional governance schemes) influences the value of property, which is precisely what is shared.

L ‘registration tax It will be converted to a modest tax, while existing revenue will be recovered with a slight increase in the entire IMU. The transition is supposed to require a transition period of a few years worth starting because transaction taxes hamper the movement of assets. In a sense, a process of this kind can be understood as an initiative in favor of young people, who are more interested in buying and selling homes than their parents or grandparents.

Science, Emergencies and Science Fiction. until the Economists who study the merits and consequences of the taxes on which they feed conflicting opinions in many cases. However, there is an argument that sees one substantive consensus: The local communities They must be funded From Property Taxes Including, with a leadership role, residence house.

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There is a series of Common Motives (Which we do not resume here and exist Made by the European Union themselves) also with regard to the reasons for spending by local authorities. In the face of a compressed bias on the part of “science”, we find, at least apparently, an equally united front of the political world hostile to the restoration, in the Italian case, something similar to the ICI “first home” which years ago provided revenues of more than 3 billion dollars . So to suggest something similar today is “science fiction”. However, it deserves one Caution note.

The Public debt Italian is sustainable, but I interest rates They are on the upside. pace increase in GDP It seems to sum up the stagnant pace of the past twenty years. The doubts Related Wars and epidemics can not be forgotten. The picture is ugly. In the early 1990s, the debt/GDP ratio was much lower than the current ratio, a crude measure like unusual withdrawal on me bank deposit on a certain date.

todayin the event of an “emergency”, the tax collection subordinate first house It would be useful like rational signal to know Reply to difficulties.

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