2021 Extensive Sanitation Bonus for Tampons Costs: Internal Revenue Instructions

2021 Extensive Sanitation Bonus for Tampons Costs: Internal Revenue Instructions

Sanitation Bonus 2021: Extensive tax credit for tampon expenses incurred by professionals and businesses. The Revenue Agency explains this in Circular Letter No. 13/2021 which is approaching the application deadline, set on November 4, 2021.

Sanitation bonus 2021: Ample room for expenses incurred by professionals and companies for tampon management. Close to the application deadline, set on November 4, 2021, the Clarifications from the Revenue Agency On the costs that fall within the scope of the support and on the beneficiaries. The directions Contained in Circular No. 13 of November 2, 2021.

as specified byArticle 32 of the subsidy decree bis, you are entitled to A tax credit equal to 30% of the expenses incurred From June to August to Sanitation of environments and tools And to getPurchase of personal protective equipment And other devices useful in ensuring the health of workers and users.

However, as has already happened in the past, only the actual value of the benefit can be known After closing the time window To view and compare expenses connections Available resources 200 million euros and requests received.

In any case, the interest can reach a Maximum value of €60,000.

The text reads:

“Taking into account the need expressed by the legislator to ensure compliance with the expenditure limit, after receiving communications of eligible expenditures with reference to the theoretical appropriation, the Revenue Agency shall determine the percentage of the appropriations that can actually be used, in relation to the available resources. The above-mentioned ratio will be announced with Subsequent provision to the Director of Revenue Agency, to be issued by November 12, 2021.

Sanitation Bonus 2021, Broadband for Tampon Expenses: What Other Costs Are You Eligible for?

with the Circular No. 13 of November 2, 2021, Revenue Agency provides a series of Clarifications on the sewage bonus for 2021, from potential recipients to methods of use, useful for those preparing to apply in the last available days.

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In particular, the document summarizes the expenses for which you are entitled to the tax creditArticle 32 of Legislative Decree No. 73/2021:

  • Sewage environments in which work, institutional activity and the tools used in these activities are practiced;
  • management tampons to those who work in the course of the work and institutional activities carried out by the beneficiaries;
  • Purchase personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, masks, goggles, protective suits and footwear that comply with the basic safety requirements set forth in European legislation;
  • buy products Detergents and disinfectants;
  • purchase of safety devices other than those already listed such as thermometers, thermal scanners, decontamination and sterilization mats and trays, which comply with the basic safety requirements set forth in European legislation, including any installation costs;
  • Purchasing useful devices to ensure a safe distance between people, such as Barriers and protective panels, including any installation fee.

Important clarification regarding costs tampons:

“It is believed that they need to understand All related expenses, preparatory and necessary for the administration itself (for example, purchase of tampons, expenses of health workers, etc.), provided that they are incurred for the benefit of those who work for the benefit of the beneficiaries”.

However, the Costs of counseling on prevention and health in the workplaceTo design work and training environments and formulate safety protocols.

2021 Large-Scale Sanitation Bonus for Tampons Costs: Who is Entitled?

The Circular No. 13 of 2021 It also summarizes what the potential is beneficiaries subordinate 2021 sewage bonus Starting with the standard text.

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large audience:

  • staff Business, arts and professions;
  • non-commercial entities, including third sector entities and civilly recognized religious entities;
  • Non-hotel accommodation facilities of a non-commercial nature, provided that they are in possession of the identification code referred to inArticle 13 bis paragraph 4 of the legislative decree issued on April 30, 2019, n. 34, or failing to do so, is determined by self-certification in connection with the performance of the bed and breakfast accommodation activity.

All those who fall into the indicated categories and who have reported expenditures that give the right to tax exemption By November 12, 2021 They will know the actual value of the benefit due to them based on all The request has been submitted by 4 November.

Once you get the tax credit it can be used in tax declaration relating to the tax period for expenses incurred or in compensation Starting on the day following the publication of the ruling establishing How to calculate the amount due.

On the other hand, utility conversion is not envisaged.

As stated in the post:

“In order to allow the use of the relevant tax exemption in the budget, a special tax code will be generated with the subsequent decision and instructions will be given to filling out Form F24 which will be provided exclusively through remote services provided by the“ Agency ”

of revenue”

All details in Revenue Agency Circular No. 13 of November 2, 2021.

Revenue Agency – Circular No. 13 of November 2, 2021
Tax exemption for sanitation and the purchase of protective devices – Article 32 of the Legislative Decree of May 25, 2021, n. 73- Clarifications
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