If it passes the test, more will be added in the city

If it passes the test, more will be added in the city


The latest generation of compressor keeps any type of waste and can be controlled remotely by Aprica.

The new mini compressor is located in Piazza Duomo which, if operational, would be the first of a chain distributed throughout the entire city. Presented by the new advisor for Greenery, Parks, Gardens, Environment, Public and Community Finance, and Rabinese Council Sponsorship: Ivan Matteo Lombardi.

The device in the Piazza Duomo is a new generation smart litter box, supplied by Aprica, solar powered and equipped with a capacity equivalent to that of 7 large litter boxes.

“He will remain here in front of the cathedral, anyway in a secluded place, for three months – explains the commissioner – on trial for the time being, but if he succeeds, the municipality will be able to consider buying others.”

A small compactor keeps any kind of waste, except for glass: “Therefore, minimal attention and awareness on the part of citizens will be required,” recommends the commissioner.

The new smart box has multiple functions: it can be blocked via the app for security and anti-terror reasons, for example during demonstrations. The app will be remotely controlled by Aprica even for more daily issues like emptying: when the compressor is full, a notification arrives in the app, so that the operator is informed and they can proceed to empty it.

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