Dear Petroleum, the decline finally begins: Gasoline and Diesel are changing prices

Dear Petroleum, the decline finally begins: Gasoline and Diesel are changing prices

Expensive Gasoline, High Prices: This is how much petrol and diesel cost and where to save fuel

Exorbitant gasoline prices drop – Motori.News

Do you want to pack and save? Heres how to do it

After weeks of continuous and continuous highs, the Petrol and diesel priceor started a slight reversal of direction, With lower prices, this situation gives some relief to millions of Italian motorists, many of whom, given the costs, are no longer able to make full of gasoline.

speculation on fuel It began before the war in Ukraine, in which fuel prices erupted so much that they reached and exceeded 2 euros per liter. At this point, a few days ago, a file Ministry of Economic Development, to implement an intervention aimed at easing the excise tax on gasoline, with a very slight decrease in value-added tax. In this way it was possible to pay for approximately 30 cents a liter less than the previous one.

Petrol pump
Petrol Pump –

Then of course motorists They got smart and started looking for the cheapest places to go to get gas. And they found it, by going to the so-called “white pumps‘, that is, all those small distributors who do not have the brand of the big oil companies (and therefore do not have Advertising costs They are often managed at the family level), you can create a file savings 5-10 extra cents per liter.

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We all know very well that these are painkillers, and that this situation Economic crisis Can not go on forever, under the weight of exponential growth not only from fuel But from all raw materials and derivatives, to finish sectoral (If you notice high prices in the supermarket).

How much does fuel cost? Here are all the updates

Updates on fuel costs They reach us thanks to the studies he conducted Energy Newspaper Based on data that managers sent to the MISE Price Observatory at 8 a.m. on April 3. National average price of Gas in self mode drop to 1.803 euros per liter – compared to the previous value of 1.825 – with a difference of brands between 1.731 and 1.825. Average price charged for Auto DieselOn the other hand, it is about 1799 euros per liter (up from 1,822), with brands ranging between 1,746 and 1,820.

Euro –

to any concern Servantsin order to Gas Average Charged Price drops to 1934 euros per liter (previous value 1,959) with average prices between 1,828 and 2,012 euros. The Diesel fuel served at height 1933 EUR (for 1,961), and prices for various companies range between 1,844 and 1,995 euros. Finally, the liquefied petroleum gas goes down From 0.840 € to 0.868 €while the methane Located Between 2,018 and 2,302 euros.

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