Is it legal to buy goods sold at market stalls?

Is it legal to buy goods sold at market stalls?

Goods for sale on market stalls are likely to cause a lot of trouble under certain circumstances. Let’s find out when it is legal to buy them.

Market stalls –

At some point in your life, you may have come across it Flea market Or something similar in high-quality products, perhaps from well-known brand names, but at great prices less than normal.

This may have prompted you to make a purchase, perhaps to bring something that you have wanted for a long time.

However, such purchases, although they look good, can do it It has legal consequences.

The possible consequences that can arise from our actions, as well as the specific factors that justify our suspicions, must always be taken into account in order to avoid incurring those consequences.

If we decide to ignore This illegal activityThe crime of receiving stolen goods can be reported.

This crime occurs when said assets are knowingly acquired for the purpose of obtaining an economic advantage, despite their knowledge of their illegal origin.

This particular type of crime occurs when you buy clothes from trusted brands (such as shoes, outerwear, hoodies) or electronic devices (such as mp3 players and cameras) at affordable prices big drop Compared to standard retail values.

These transactions have a high probability of getting stolen goods, thus exposing themselves to legal consequences such as imprisonment for a period Between 2 and 8 yearsSo are the fines From 516 euros to 10,329 euros.

Goods sold in kiosks: When does the crime of receiving stolen goods occur?

In the judicial field, the crime of receiving stolen goods occurs when the subject, with full awareness of The illegal source of the goods themselvesProceed with the purchase by taking proportional risks voluntarily.

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The offense of reckless buying can lead to other criminal consequences. This crime occurs when people buy goods without verifying their legitimate source, for example if it has been stolen or obtained by other illegal means.

market stalls

Factors that may give rise to suspicion include the high quality of the merchandise, the type of vendor (such as a peddler or a person with a kiosk) and the much lower price at which the merchandise is offered compared to the normal market value.

Engaging in such transactions puts people at risk of arrest for up to six months or one month A fine of at least 10 euros.

For example, the offense of reckless buying is typical for people who buy counterfeit goods from traveling merchants who do so They often hang around the beaches or in the immediate vicinity, usually in the street and waterfront markets.

This category also includes those who buy the latest generation of smartphones from street vendors Much lower prices than those in stores.

Those who buy goods of this kind, without knowing where they come from, but still aware of the value of the goods and the nature of the transaction, have some doubts. About the illegality of the purchase He should ask them.

The liability to which an answer is sought stems from a lack of caution in suspecting the possible wrongful source, particularly when one takes into account the factors Like the priceThe quality and details of the transaction.

In addition, when purchasing counterfeit goods, the buyer may face administrative penalties for violating the law in Trademark protection matters.

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This includes violations related to the originality and origin of products, as well as violations of intellectual property rights referred to in Article 1, Paragraph 7 of Law No. n. 35/2005.

What are the complications associated with the purchase?

When it comes to trading in counterfeit goods, there is no shortage of complications for buyers.

If the purchase is made without first ascertaining the legitimate origin of the goods, which can reasonably be inferred from the quality of the product, the conditions of the seller or the price, there is a risk of a fine. From 100 euros to 7,000 euros.

street vendor –

To avoid committing these crimes, it is necessary to search for evidence that fuels suspicion, so that an alarm is triggered in the head, leading to Make her stop Someone who buys the goods.

When it comes to the crime of receiving stolen goods, there are clear indications. One of all the obvious impossibilities on the part of the seller To buy such expensive goods.

It would also be advisable to have a look at Labels affixed to the goodswhich could result in them being returned to the stores from which they were stolen.

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