March 24, 2023

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Car dashboard, watch out for the yellow light: when it lights up, don’t waste time

The yellow light is on, that’s what could have happened in the car

The yellow light is on to indicate that something is wrong. The first thing you do? Woe betide the situation. Here are some more details

A moment no one wants to encounter in a car: “Light up the light.” The yellow or red in front of us warns us that something is wrong and forces us to find evidence that we may not have looked at before for an answer. It’s classic. We just have to Cross your fingers, consult the legend, and hope it’s a frivolous fuse that needs replacing…

Ignoring this possibility (which has the least impact on our portfolio) we could face a series of… possible problems or malfunctions of our vehicle, From engine failure to exhaust gases, from battery to oil, from tires to coolant and even malfunctions related to the airbag or braking system. The first course of action would be to call a trusted mechanic.

Briefly, Lights never convey anything good And in some vehicles there are some very special cars. We’re talking diesel cars where one can light up A yellow warning light has a less widespread meaning than the classic one. Here is a detailed breakdown of what could happen and how to act in this situation.

Diesel engines, the yellow light is on – that’s what it is

In fact, those who have never owned a diesel may not know what it is AdBlueany additive developed for the chemical and automotive sectors consisting of an aqueous solution of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% demineralized water. This in the car has a very important function, ie Cleaning out gases. In diesel cars, there is precisely a separate tank for AdBlue, with its own indicator and sensor.

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Adblue tank in diesel vehicles, watch out for the dedicated warning light
Adblue tank in diesel vehicles, watch out for the dedicated warning light

AdBlue allows you to extend Management of nitrous oxide emissions in water vapor and harmless nitrogen gas. A yellow light usually indicates the most common scenario, that is, in most cases it is related to the fluid level Not enough AdBlue in the tank. Once refueled, this yellow light must be gone, otherwise there will be other problems…

In this second hypothesis there could be a General system malfunction, low additive pressure or difficulty pump to transfer liquid to the injector, Problems that should not be underestimated in a diesel car And that independently – without any experience in this sector – we will never be able to solve it on our own. Only a trusted mechanic, after taking the car to a specialized workshop, It will then define the problem and indicate the type of solution. But be careful not to ignore this yellow light…