19- Al-Amal: We do not plan to increase the capacity of the stadiums. Today’s Bulletin. Ricciardi: “There will be no closure.” Brusaferro: “Vaccinate yourself to slow the upward curve”

The Ministry of Health and Civil Protection released data related to monitoring the epidemic during the past 24 hours. 445,593 swabs have been taken and 7,569 new positive results for coronavirus have been identified. The current positives are 119,230, up 4,118 from yesterday. In the last day, 36 people with Covid-19 died for a total of 132,775 deaths since the start of the pandemic. As usual, Vocegiallorossa.it Provides you with the latest live news about it.

10:30 p.m. – “We do not plan to increase capacity in stadiums.” Health Minister Roberto Speranza said this to “Che tempo che fa” on Rai 3 in reference to what has been done in some other countries where stadiums are back.
100% of attendance.

21:45 – “My advice is to use the mask as much as possible: it’s an essential tool because the situation in the next few weeks is cunning”. The Minister of Health said: Roberto Speranza, in Che tempo che fà on Rai 3. “The mask is always mandatory indoors and is also mandatory outdoors when it is not possible to respect a distance of one meter,” he repeated. “My very strong recommendation, especially at this point in the resurgence of the virus, is to use the mask as much as possible because it is a really essential tool to reduce the possibility of infection.”

20:05 – The President of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità in Corriere della Sera launches an appeal to the citizens: “Accept the offer of the first dose. If you have already done so, book for the third”. It is difficult to predict the possibility of restrictions in the future, as happens in many countries where the re-emergence of infections is “largely supported by the unvaccinated”

19:05 – Today’s Bulletin

16:31 – “If we are in Portugal where they are very close to protecting the herd, we can talk about Covid as an ordinary flu but in Italy we have about 10%, 6-7 million unvaccinated, and we have to be careful because if the epidemic develops with a strong intensity among the unvaccinated The vaccinators, we are getting the system back on track. We are still very far away and we have to be very careful.” This was said by Roberto Battiston, director of the Epidemiological Observatory at the University of Trento.

15:22 – in a Sardinia There are now 77 new confirmed cases of Covid positivity, based on 1,723 people tested. A total of 8,247 tests were processed, including molecular and antigenic tests. Number of patients admitted to ICUs 8 (same as yesterday); Those in the medical field 44 (like yesterday). There are 1,797 cases of home isolation (56 more than yesterday). There are no deaths.

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14:24 Today, 124 cases of the new Corona virus were detected Apulia And 18,153 daily tests were recorded, with a positive rate of 0.68. To date, there have been no injuries. This is the breakdown of the new cases: Barry County: 40; Bat Province: 5; Brindisi County: 17; Foggia Province: 28; Lecce County: 25; Taranto Province: 8; The province in its definition: 1. There are currently 3,820 positive people and 158 patients hospitalized in a non-critical area, while 20 people are hospitalized in intensive care.

13:29 – “The President of the Republic Mattarella was one of the first to take the third dose, as always to lead by example. It is a signal that gives the whole country to continue to trust in science.” This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio, in his speech at the National Congress of the Confimbrezi Italy. “We must trust the science,” Di Maio repeated, referring to the premise that we must be vaccinated every six months to get the green lane.

12:32 – “I hope that children will also be vaccinated in the short term, as soon as there is the green light from the EMA, bearing in mind that Covid is not a walk in the park for them and it has long-term effects.” Fabrizio confirms it I pray, medical director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan, in an interview with iNews24. “One in a thousand suffers from a systemic multisystem inflammatory syndrome which leads to problems – continues Brigliasco – youngsters are affected by the delta variant, so vaccinating them will reduce the chances of infection. They should also be vaccinated to keep the school open, because there are many classes in quarantine.”

11:40 To limit the increase in new Covid cases, the British government is preparing to allow people to receive the third dose of the vaccine 5 months after the second, and thus a month earlier than is now expected. Reports on guardian Noting that this change would allow millions of Britons to expect the third dose. We hope this reduces the risk of infection
New hospitals under pressure.

10:55 – The Russia It reported more than 1,200 deaths from COVID-19 for the fifth consecutive day, in a week in which the country renewed its negative daily death record three times since the start of the pandemic. During the past 24 hours, the official bulletin recorded a total of 1,219 deaths related to the emerging coronavirus, and 38,823 new infections. The Russian authorities attribute the sharp increase in injuries and deaths in recent weeks to the aggressiveness of the delta variant, the strict non-compliance of many Russians with sanitary standards, and, above all, to the low rate of vaccination in the country.

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10:39 – Guido RassiImmunologist and former EMA Director, Today’s Adviser to Commissioner Figliuolo, he has no doubts about the great benefit of a fairly comprehensive introduction of vaccination commitment “but I understand that it is not easy to apply – as he said in an interview with sun 24 hours -. However, it is unacceptable not to expect this for some groups, ranging from those in uniform or those who work closely with the public ‘such as public servants, at least those who work at the counter or those who run bars or restaurants or work when out and about. In the supermarket. “. Rassi also agrees with a possible exclusion of the swab “allowing many positives to escape, at least 30%,” from the green lane, which would only be issued for vaccination and treatment. In Italy “we are at the beginning of the fourth wave: we now need to understand how high this wave is. Italy has strengths and weaknesses. Among the first, the significant number of people vaccinated and behavior that is still somewhat responsible in terms of mask and distance. Among these The latter, the significant lack of heterogeneity between regions in the number of people vaccinated and in age groups and then the lack of interventions in risk sectors such as transportation.” The rhythm of the third doses was “sufficient, but now the intensity must be increased because only in this way can the curve of the increasing infection be bent”.

10:23 – State Police officers identified 91 people, arrested three and deplored two at the end of yesterday’s No Green Pass demonstration, in MilanA group of demonstrators entered the cathedral square despite the prohibitions. The detainees are an 18-year-old accused of resisting a public official in Piazza Duomo, a 38-year-old from Piacenza, with a police record, arrested in Piazza Beccaria for resistance and threats, a 30-year-old from Milan. (with precedent), for resisting and injuring a police officer in Cathedral Square.

10:06 – “My main concern is related to the epidemic data, which is again becoming alarming in some European countries. When I see the numbers of Germany and Austria that are on our borders, I am afraid that with the climate that described the fourth wave he will find social stress difficult to contain, in case he confronts it in a difficult way.” to announce that he is the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, in an interview with printing. “We must avoid his arrival with the acceleration of the third doses. And we must be clear and irrevocable on the green lanes. The decision to ban ‘No Fax’ rallies in historic centers is absolutely correct.”

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09:49 – “There will be no closure, not even partial,” he said in an interview. Prophet the professor Walter Ricciardi, adviser to the Ministry of Health, who points out a series of possible interventions to protect Italy from the advance of the fourth wave coming from the east: faster penalties against doctors and nurses who do not allow them to treat; Analysis, Asl for Asl, to check whether among patients in a particular doctor’s office there are many unvaccinated patients, to run away for coverage; Press firmly on the third doses, linking them to the green lane: those who did not complete the booster vaccination course receive a warning first, and if they continue after two or three months do not comply with the booster injection, the green certificate loses its validity.

09:24 – According to the latest report of the Higher Institute of Health, delta variable plus ‘present in 10 autonomous regions/provinces’ and ‘identified with 147 total sequences in I-Co-Gen’, the genetic monitoring platform for variants. confirmed the “clear prevalence” of delta, characterized by “a greater possibility of transmission compared to the alpha variant and an increased risk of hospitalization, particularly among partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals.”

09:00 Vaccinate yourself to slow the upward curve of infection. An appeal from the head of the International Space Station and a spokesman for the Counter-Terrorism Service, Silvio Brusaferrowho met him courier from the evening Everyone is asked to cooperate. With 78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the threshold for limiting the outbreak has been crossed, and the large number of tampons does not justify the increase in cases: he explains that the rise is due to the intensified circulation in Europe, he suffers from a lot of unvaccinated and due to some relaxation in behaviour. “Now it’s hard to guess. Other countries are adopting restrictions, but at the moment they have much larger numbers than ours.”

08:40 – “I am very concerned about the situation. We are facing difficult weeks. We need a national effort to stop the fall-winter wave of the epidemic.” he said that Angela Merkel Noting that the number of injured in Germany It is “the highest rate in the epidemic ever” and that “the number of patients in intensive care is also increasing” while “unfortunately we have many deaths every day”. The chancellor stressed that the situation is not as bad everywhere on the federal lands alike, and it is clearly worse where the vaccination rate is lower.

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