Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news

Kiev – The downed drone was ours, lost control. Zelensky visits the International Criminal Court in The Hague: “We want to see Putin judged here.” Osce: “Potential Torture of Deported Ukrainian Children”. Israel provides Kiev with a red alert system that indicates the arrival of missiles or drones. Peskov: Putin will be at the May 9 parade

The war in Ukraine, what you need to know

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Live news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Relations between Moscow, the United States and Russia are on the brink of armed conflict

Relations between Russia and the United States are on the brink of open armed conflict, but Moscow is taking steps to prevent this from happening. This was announced by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, according to TASS reports. “We are working to prevent relations with the United States from falling into the abyss of open armed conflict, and we are already on the edge of the abyss,” he said.
The senior diplomat stressed that the American representatives are trying to show detachment and “promote in the world media the idea that Washington is not involved” in the terrorist attack on the Kremlin and in the invasion of the life of the Russian president.
According to Ryabkov, there are channels of communication between Moscow and Washington, including at a high level. “There are channels and contacts are taking place, including at the political level, at the highest levels,” he said. He added, “The question is not the existence of these contacts, the question is that our opponents in Washington are convinced that the signals coming from Moscow are a ‘disinformation campaign’. Day after day they become captives of their own cliches and propaganda,” the diplomat continued.
At the same time, Ryabkov described the US reaction to Moscow’s signals after the Ukrainian drone strike on the Kremlin as “neglect of the basics of foreign policy.”
Even yesterday, in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Senate building, Washington reiterated that signals from Russia had to be split in two before anything like this could be properly evaluated. What else is it but to overlook the basics of foreign policy and diplomacy? Said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

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Kiev, 10,000 drone operators have already been trained

10,000 drone operators have already been trained in Ukraine as part of the ‘Drone Army’ project: Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation and Minister for Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said on TV, Ukrainska Pravda reports.
Fedorov explained that the project aims to launch 60 attack drone companies and transform the doctrine of using these drones. “We recently completed the first part of the pilot training project, during which 10,000 pilots were trained,” the minister said. production point of view and from the point of view of their application.
Fedorov also announced that the United24 fundraising platform raised $325 million in one year.

ISW, Moscow cancels 9/5 parades after attack on the Kremlin

Russian officials will likely use the attack on the Kremlin on Wednesday to cancel parades scheduled for May 9, D-Day, in more cities, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Russian sources have reported that rallies have already been canceled in 21 cities in Russia and occupied Crimea, without official justification or for security reasons, writes the American think tank.
According to ISW analysts, the Kremlin wants to use the attack not only to cancel out the events of May 9, but also to present the war in Ukraine as an existential threat to the country. Perhaps Moscow hopes to limit the events of May 9 in order to hide the degradation of the Russian Armed Forces, as the parades show armaments.
More advanced, many are used in the war in Ukraine or destroyed in the fighting.
The Kremlin hopes to limit the events of May 9, too, lest ceremonies in honor of the dead soldiers become a potential source of domestic protest over Ukraine’s high death toll.

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American Leader 007, an unlikely major Russian attack in 2023

The Director of National Intelligence — which oversees the US intelligence community — said it was unlikely that Russian forces would be able to launch a major offensive operation this year, even if the expected Ukrainian counteroffensive was not entirely successful. before the Senate Armed Services Committee, adding that the Russian military gained less territory in April than in any of the previous three months and was facing “significant shortages” of ammunition and personnel.
He explained that “unless Russia begins compulsory mobilization and securing large supplies of ammunition from a third party in addition to existing shipments from Iran and other countries, it will become difficult for the Russians to continue modest offensive operations.” The conflict remains a “brutal war of attrition”, he said, with daily fighting taking place in eastern Ukraine over “hundreds of metres” and neither side being able to show a definitive advantage. Haines said that according to US assessments, Vladimir Putin “may have scaled back his immediate ambitions” to consolidate control over already occupied territories in the east and south of the country, and to ensure that Ukraine does not join NATO.

Kiev admits: one of our drones was shot down

The Ukrainian Air Force stated that the drone that was shot down this evening in the sky of Kiev belonged to the Ukrainian forces and lost control of it. “On May 4, at about 20:00 (19 in Italy) in the Kiev region, during a flight, the Bayraktar TB2 drone lost control,” the Air Force wrote on Telegram. “Because the uncontrolled presence of drones in the sky of the capital could lead to undesirable consequences,” the plane was destroyed. “Maybe it was a technical malfunction, the reasons are under investigation. There were no casualties or injuries as a result of the operations and falling debris of the drone.”

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