USS Gerald Ford travels to Norway: harsh reaction from Russia

USS Gerald Ford travels to Norway: harsh reaction from Russia

The aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, the largest ship in the world, is heading towards Oslo, the capital Norway. It is expected that the arrival will take place during the week, and from midnight on Wednesday, a military no-fly zone will be imposed over the entire inner fjord in Oslo, in addition to land, air and sea security measures. Russia reacted harshly to the US Navy’s move.

Protest of the Russian Embassy in Norway

The news was reported in a Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. The reaction of the Russian Embassy in Norway was immediate. The arrival of the giant aircraft carrier was deemed “illogical and harmful”.

“There are no issues in the north that require a military solution, and there are no issues that require outside intervention,” a spokesman for the embassy told AFP. Timur Chekanov.

Aircraft carrier Gerald Ford: characteristics

The US move was seen as a deterrent to Russia At a time when tensions are running high between NATO and Moscow, clearly due to the invasion of Ukraine.

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford, the largest warship in the world, is a nuclear-powered ship with a displacement of more than 100,000 tons, a length of 355 meters and can carry up to 90 catchhelicopters and thousands of people.

The pride of US Navy Gerald Ford is usually located at Naval Base Norfolk, Virginia.

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Men aboard the USS Gerald Ford

The voyage to Norway began on May 2

On May 2, the ship embarked on its first full cruise. Accompanied by the destroyers Uss Ramage, Uss McFaul, and Uss Thomas Hudner, he was Gerald Ford It crossed the Atlantic Ocean, bound for the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea.

A move that Stale Ulriksen, an analyst and university professor at the Norwegian Naval Academy, read as “a sign of NATO solidarity and part of deterrence against Moscow”.

“From the Russian point of view, it is a somewhat threatening reality,” the same professor added to Aftenposten. The world’s largest warship is scheduled to arrive in the Oslo Straits this weekend.

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