Use: Fox Montage – Biden racist coffee ‘built’ from Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Rome, November 14 – Joe Biden’s racist chaos during a speech at Arlington National Cemetery is actually the result of a Fox News package. The Associated Press, which is rebuilding the story, revealed this. A few days ago, on Veterans Day, the President of the United States referred to the deceased baseball player Chatchel Baiz as “the Great Negro” (‘Great Negro’), the pitcher of the Negro League, or the League formed by African American baseball players. In the 1920s, “before becoming a major pitcher in the Major League. However, in a video aired by Fox on the Sean Hannity Show, Biden only hears” Satchel Baiz, The Big Black. “

A Fox News spokesman, who spoke to the Associated Press, explained that the breach was cut for reasons and that the talk was later fully aired by the Fox & Friends program. (Handle).

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