12 Gazans drowned while trying to retrieve humanitarian aid from the sea

12 Gazans drowned while trying to retrieve humanitarian aid from the sea

At least 18 Palestinian civilians were martyred on Tuesday while trying to deliver humanitarian aid dropped by the United States to the Gaza Strip, including 12 who drowned while trying to retrieve it after it fell into the sea, prompting the Palestinian authorities to demand a halt to these operations and the reopening of land crossings to deliver aid. Aid.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Gaza authorities, which are under the control of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), asked residents not to go to the main aid receiving points in Gaza City, and to allow the “popular committees” to distribute it in the northern Gaza Strip. Yesterday, the Spanish Ministry of Defense reported that a total of 26 tons of humanitarian aid, consisting of more than 11,000 food rations, were sent to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. For her part, the United Nations Special Rapporteur in the occupied Palestinian territories, Francesca Albanese, admitted that she She receives threats to publish her report on indicators of “genocide” committed by Israel against the Palestinian population as part of its military attack on the Gaza Strip. Also, Irish Deputy Prime Minister Micheal Martin confirmed that he will join South Africa in the case brought before the International Court of Justice at the end of December against Israel for alleged genocide in Gaza. Meanwhile, the UK and US announced coordinated sanctions on Gaza Now, a Palestinian media network based in the Gaza Strip that organized a fundraising campaign in support of Hamas after the attacks on October 7.

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