Secret documents of Joe Biden were found in an old private office. Trump attacks

Secret documents of Joe Biden were found in an old private office.  Trump attacks

Several secret documents from the presidential period Joe Biden The vice president was discovered last fall, in November, in a private office at Washington Used by Biden from 2017 to 2019. Study al Ben Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, when he was Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania. The American media is exposing it. According to some sources i National Archives They brought it to me Ministry of Justice to investigate further. Biden’s lawyers found the documents, which are potentially classified. We don’t know the content or why they were brought into the office. By law, in the United States, anyone holding federal office is required to give up official records and classified documents upon completion of their government service.

White House cooperation

He said that “the White House is cooperating with the Justice Department in the discovery of what appear to be documents from the Obama-Biden administration, including a small number of documents marked classified.” Richard SauberSpecial Adviser to President Biden. He added, “The discovery of the documents was made by the president’s attorney – Sauber added – and they were not subject to any previous request or investigation by the archive.” The president’s lawyers discovered them as they were packing documents inside a locked safe to free up office space that Biden was using at the time.

White House embarrassment

The news is an embarrassment in the White House because it comes as the Justice Department is investigating the overflow Material quantity class Discovered at the Mar-a-Lago residence to Donald Trump. In the case of Biden, it would be about a dozen documents that were on file with other unclassified papers and were promptly returned. According to CBS, it will contain no nuclear secrets.

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Donald Trump attack

And the former president rides the controversy. After secret documents were discovered (also) in the former office of his successor, Donald Trump attacked by spreading the news on his social network The Truth and writing: “When will the FBI raid Joe Biden’s many homes, maybe even the White House? These documents have definitely not been declassified.” “.

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