The French Senate approves the inclusion of abortion in the constitution

The French Senate approves the inclusion of abortion in the constitution

Next week France will likely become the first European country to give constitutional value to abortion. Yesterday, the French Senate approved the inclusion of an article in the constitution regarding the “guaranteed freedom” of women to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy. After this vote in the Senate – with a majority of 267 votes in favor and 50 votes against – the first constitutional reform of Emmanuel Macron's presidency passed its most complex procedures. Everything points to its final parliamentary approval on March 4.

Supported by 86% of the population

The Senate usually plays a secondary role, stealing the media spotlight in the neighboring country yesterday. The Republicans (the Liberal Party, close to the People's Party) have the majority in this council, and are elected by indirect ballot. Its president, Gerard Larcher, opposed this reform, considering that “the constitution is not a list of social and societal rights.”

But in the face of public pressure – 86% of French people support this amendment to the Magna Carta, according to recent polls – several conservative and centrist senators have changed their minds in recent weeks. Their vote was key to moving the measure forward.

French institutions have been immersed in this amendment to the Magna Carta since the fall of 2022. But the Assembly and Senate have so far failed to agree on the same wording.

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