Alfa Romeo Milano, a new teaser for the B-SUV before the show

Alfa Romeo Milano, a new teaser for the B-SUV before the show

There is less and less left until the moment View the new Alfa Romeo MilanoB-SUV which will also be offered with a 100% electric motor. April 10As we know, the automaker will officially unveil this new model. To draw attention to the launch event, Alfa Romeo shared an image New teaser Which you see Vehicle profile. Out of curiosity, in the background we can notice a map of the city of Milan.

The B-SUV will be a very important model for Alfa Romeo because it will enter a segment that does not exist today. In addition to the 100% electric powertrain, the new car will also be equipped with another one Hybrid drive.

What do we know?

We already know a few things about the new Milano, thanks to the car manufacturer sharing some images of the car, which is clearly still camouflaged. The B-SUV will have a lot in common with the Jeep Avenger and the new Fiat 600. The electric drivetrain should be the same and is always a 115 kW (156 hp) unit supported by a 54 kWh battery with a range of about 400 km.

Alfa Romeo has already announced that it has worked hard to provide customers with the driving experience that it usually offers in all its models. The goal of technicians is to display.”Unmistakable driving dynamics thanks to the extremely direct and precise steering that ensures fast cornering with a high level of stability“.

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As for the hybrid model, under the hood there will beHybrid units with 100 or 136 hp Which the Stellantis Group is incorporating into an increasing number of its brand models. A sports version is scheduled to arrive later with the same 177 kW (240 hp) electric powertrain that will also equip the new Abarth 600e, whose official presentation is now very close.

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