Farmers park their tractors after change in Common Agricultural Policy

Farmers park their tractors after change in Common Agricultural Policy

The EU's decision to relax the environmental requirements of the Common Agricultural Policy generally pleases Spanish farmers, who will remain in their waiting mode and rule out, for the time being, undertaking new packaging. After achieving this first victory in Brussels, unions working in this sector are now focusing their efforts on Congress, which has already received some proposals to reform the food chain law. Carles Vicente, Secretary General of the Farmers' Union, insists that “it is necessary to reconsider the price setting system, to avoid losing sales.” He adds: “At the present time, it is positive that the door has been opened to exempt farms with an area of ​​less than 10 hectares from the controls and penalties that come with violating the terms of the Common Agricultural Policy.”

The Cooperatives Agroalimentarias de España considers making the Common Agricultural Policy more flexible “progress,” and the entity’s president, Angel Villafranca, confirms that the most important thing is the “strategic dialogue” opened by the President of the European Commission. To ensure a “calm and budget-friendly” environmental transition to the countryside.

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Policies not processed

José María Castilla of ASAJA, for his part, expressed that there are policies affecting the sector that have not been addressed, such as the Nature Restoration Law, the Directive on Industrial Uses or mirror clauses against imports. The Secretary General of the agricultural organization COAG, Miguel Padilla, points out that the changes in policy Common Agricultural is positive, but agrees that “there is still a lot to be done.” The UPA claims that the EU's flexibility measures are a “success for rural mobilization”.

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