Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers?

While hoops fans were busy talking about the Bobcats surprising win over the Celtics last night, the upcoming showdown between Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard, and the #lastimethecavswon fun on Twitter, news broke that could change the entire landscape of the NBA season.

That news? A potential Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers deal.

From ESPN.com:

The Lakers’ package would be built around center Andrew Bynum. Denver has no interest in Ron Artest and isn’t particularly interested in Lamar Odom either, sources said. A straight-up deal of Bynum for Anthony works financially, but there could be other players involved since Denver would look to shed more salary if possible.

Well, now isn’t that something. And while that is something, I simply cannot see this happening. Continue Reading


Game Preview: Spurs versus Lakers

Tonight, the San Antonio Spurs head into Los Angeles for a big game against the Lakers. If the Lakers vs Celtics game on Sunday was a preview of a potential NBA Finals, this game could be a preview of the Western Conference Finals. The Spurs head into this game following a tough loss to Portland Trailblazers, while the Lakers narrowly avoided defeat in a game against the Houston Rockets. So what does this game mean?


Quick Hits: Random Thoughts on the NBA and Other Stuff

Today, I thought I’d try something new. Instead of an article about the NBA, I thought I would list off a bunch of random thoughts about the NBA, mixed in with thoughts about life in general. Of course you can look to Saving the Skyhook for a new article soon, but today I thought you, the reader, might enjoy something different.

Image from Hoops Collective

1. Ron Artest is complaining about the criticism he’s received playing for the Lakers. Should we expect anything less from a guy who thanked his psychiatrist after winning the Larry O’Brien trophy last June?

2. Sticking with Ron Artest, what team would want any part of that contract? I honestly think he’s almost impossible to move at this point.

3. From one Western Conference team to another, when will the Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony? I think they may have lost all of their leverage at this point. How many times can you almost trade a guy?

4. Speaking of the Nuggets, wouldn’t JR Smith look good in a Bulls uniform? I know I’ve discussed this already, but with news that the Bulls may be adding Anthony Parker, I think Smith deserves a look. I think his impact would be much greater than Parker’s.

5. Who would do more damage in the playoffs, the Bulls or Magic? I’m still not sold on the moves the Magic made; outside of adding Hedo Turkoglu have they really improved? Continue Reading


Lakers Look to Shake Things Up

Attention NBA: The Lakers may be looking to shake up their roster. Can they strike lightning twice, and pull off a steal like they did when they acquired Pau Gasol? Perhaps. Or maybe they are just looking for a slight adjustment to their roster. Or maybe they won’t do anything at all, and just stand pat. I mean, sure the Lakers have the second best record in the Western Conference, but they are 6-4 in their last ten and sit seven and a half games back of the San Antonio Spurs, headed into tonight’s game with Houston. So it’s not like they are fighting for a playoff spot, but this is a team everyone expected to run away with the West and make a fourth consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

So, who’s available? I think of the main players available, Andrew Bynum, Shannon Brown and Lamar Odom would be most attractive. What positions do the Lakers need to improve? I think the small forward position needs an upgrade, and possibly the center position. So let’s rundown a few possible trade scenarios. Continue Reading


Cobra Clutch on Mamba- Definitive Edition

Henry Abbott, ESPN’s giant among bloggers, set off an veritable explosion in the sports world with his not-so-jaw-dropping Kobe Bryant expose’ this morning. Yahoo! Sports’ blogging juggernaut Kelly Dwyer fanned the flames a few hours later in his attempt to flush the term “hater” from our collective fan-mouth by using kerosene logic-soap. Finally, SI.com’s Zach Lowe said “screw it” and dumped gasoline on the conflagration by trying to soothe the howls coming out of the streets of LA. From the reaction by fans, you’d have thought that Abbott,  Dwyer, and Lowe were holding Kobe’s family hostage while kicking puppies and ripping the “Do Not Remove” tags off of mattresses. Since then, I’ve read approximately 5,375 other articles weighing in on Kobe’s clutchness, the reality of clutchness, defending the critique of Kobe’s clutchness, double dutch -I misspelled “clutch” and it came up- , the Iron Sheik’s Camel Clutch, even Double Clutch the Transformer (lame Voltron rip-off, I still want it). Slate.com’s Alan Siegal actually had the audacity to hop into his uppity little time machine and write on the same topic in June 2010

If Kobe' was HALF as clutch as Double Clutch

Abbott pulls back the curtain on the “GAWD, Kobe’ is WAAAAY better than anyone else in he league with the game on the line!” myth, and the plot of crappy end-of-existence flick “2012” broke out. All the analysis by the 3 esteemed bloggers was cogent, well-written, factual. And all of it is only the tip of the iceberg. So pull up your socks, hang onto your hats, and clutch (see?? THERE IT IS AGAIN) your hands tight, I’m going to blow the lid off of the rest of the Kobe’ mythos. Continue Reading


No Respect: NBA All Star Snubs and Other Stories

With today being the day that All-Star starters are announced, I couldn’t think of a better time to announce my first annual All-Snub team. “What’s the All-Snub team,” you ask? Seeing as how I just made that term up about 38 seconds ago, I’ll tell you. Since today is the day they announce the starting fives of each team for the All-Star Game, which is being held at the star-studded Staples Center in Los Angeles this year, I feel like I should give it up for the guys who never get any respect. Now, I’m not saying these guys deserve to be All-Stars, but they deserve to have their names in the conversation at the very least.

How about Kevin Martin for example? While guard is a stacked position in the West, what with Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Kobe Bryant at the position, Martin often gets over looked. Averaging the lowest minutes per game (31.3) since his sophomore season, Martin is putting up exceptional shooting numbers. He’s currently fourth in three pointers made, and first in free throws made. All this while averaging 23.5 points should not be overlooked.  What’s more shocking is that Vince Carter, at the last balloting update on January 13th, was ahead of him in votes. While he may not be having a good enough season to make the team, he should NOT be behind Vince Carter in voting. Continue Reading


Poll: What’s Wrong With the Lakers?

In what will become a Tuesday staple here on Saving the Skyhook, we will pick a topic and then let you give your opinion on it. Simple enough, right?

The hottest topic in the league right now is undoubtedly the struggles of the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Lakers lose three home games by at least 16 points…..in a four game span. But that’s exactly what has happened in three of L.A.’s last four games, with Milwaukee, Miami, and Memphis (perhaps it’s just an “M” thing) all leaving the Staples Center with double-digit victories. On the bright side, the Lakers get the Pistons at home tonight, whose struggles I’ve talked about here recently. Continue Reading


NBA Game Rankings: 12/29/10

Well the Spurs-Lakers game last night was rather anti-climactic, as the Spurs took it to the Lakers down the stretch, and came up with the 97-82 win at home. There seems to be some serious problems with this Laker team right now, and they better figure out a way to turn it around quickly. It’s still early in the season, but it’s clear that Kobe Bryant is not happy at all with the way this team is playing, and when your star is upset, that’s not good for anyone in the Laker organization. Continue Reading