Who is Juan Carlos Peñado, the judge who decided to investigate Begonia Gomez?

With the opening of the case against Begonia Gomez, Judge Juan Carlos Peñado, of the 41st Court of Madrid, It caused an unprecedented crisis. This is not the first time, as he is already known for his controversial performances.

To remember this, you have to go back to 2019, when various media published information about Because of the Council for Development and Reconstructionto which National Court Judge Manuel García Castellón was subject to a confidential summary.

The defense then requested an investigation into the origin of the leaks. The Public Prosecution considered that the crime of disclosing secrets was possible, but it considered that the National Court was not the competent body, and Thus the case ended in the hands of Judge PeinadoWhich accused dozens of journalists of revealing information about the case.

The summons sparked protests by press unions, professional associations and lawyers in the case. They explained that the complaint He did not come forward to pursue journalists, but rather leakers. The case was eventually dismissed.

There is also the circumstance that this is not the first time the judge has had a complaint in his hands Clean hands.

He has already tried to open a case against Mes Madrid advisor Guillermo Zapata over a tweet allegedly insulting to victims of terrorism. The case ended in the National Court with one acquittalBut Zapata had already resigned.

And precisely in the National Court, Peñado was where he wanted to practice. He presented himself as a candidate to be the judge supporting Manuel García Castellon in Court No. 6, but in the end Didn't get the place.

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Last January, he requested authority from the CGPJ Delay your retirement Until the age of 72.

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