Chinese multinational chemical company Wanhua has opened a new innovation center

Chinese multinational chemical company Wanhua has opened a new innovation center

Chinese multinational chemical sector company Wanhua opened its new innovation center in Cornella on Wednesday, where it will create 30 new job opportunities. Wanhua is one of the world's largest companies in the chemical industry, employing more than 29,000 workers worldwide, and which has so far only had a presence in Europe in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Wanhua's investment project in Catalonia has received government support through ACCIÓ, the corporate competitiveness agency of the Ministry of Enterprise and Employment. In fact, the project was announced by Councilman Torrent himself during a corporate visit to China last October.

“Wanhua’s bet is new proof of Catalonia’s potential in the chemical sector, which we lead in southern Europe,” This was stated by Business and Labor Minister Roger Torrent. In addition, he added that the group's arrival in Catalonia “It strengthens this position and at the same time will allow us to add a new influential player to the industrial ecosystem that is steadily moving towards more sustainable models.”

For his part, Executive Vice President of Wanhua, Dr. Wei Wei Hua, explained that the establishment of the new innovation center in Cornelia represents a major investment in the company's future. “The process we are convinced will serve as a beacon of innovation, collaboration and excellence, driving our success and shaping Wanhua’s future.” He pointed out

This center contains a laboratory and office space with the aim of developing new technical solutions for the European and North African market, in addition to serving as an innovation platform to generate new ideas and technologies. With its presence in Catalonia, the company aims to strengthen ties with the Catalan research ecosystem, especially in areas related to sustainability. In addition, it also represents a new pole for the company to attract talents and a reference space to provide timely technical service to European customers.

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With more than 6,200 registered patents, Wanhua manufactures chemicals such as polyurethane, high-performance chemicals and emerging materials for sectors such as automotive, green energy, construction and electronics. The company has 10 production centers in Yantai, Ningbo, Sichuan, Fujian, Zhuhai and subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Brazil, etc.

The establishment of Wanhua in Catalonia means the arrival of a new subsidiary of the Chinese parent company in Catalonia. Currently, there are already more than 200 subsidiaries of Chinese companies established in Catalonia, a number that contrasts with the 40 a decade ago. In fact, China is already the third non-European country with the largest presence of subsidiaries in the Catalan territory, after the United States and Japan.

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