Monica Garcia criticizes MasterChef for downplaying the importance of mental health

Monica Garcia criticizes MasterChef for downplaying the importance of mental health

Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Mónica García, used social networks to resume the MasterChef program – which has already witnessed a strong crisis due to the case of Veronica Forque – for not respecting and understanding that one of the contestants decided to leave the program due to the “stress and pressure” that the competition is often subjected to. Participants had an impact on their mental health. “Prioritizing emotional well-being over hectic lifestyles isn't selfish, it's a brave decision,” Garcia told X (formerly Twitter).

Likewise, the Minister took the opportunity to recall one of his principles: that mental health involves “treating the causes that harm life.” “We don’t want a society saturated with caffeine and anxiolytics,” she said in a tweet that included a video of the contestant announcing her decision to leave the show.

Exit the program

The “exit” was broadcast on Wednesday evening, just before the start of the final challenge of the evening, in the fifth show of this season, when Tamara announced that she was leaving “voluntarily” because there were times when she felt “less comfortable.” One of the judges, Pepe Rodriguez, asked her about the reason for her decision and she clearly said that she did not feel “comfortable.” “I also don't give everything I want and I'm constantly tense, on edge, under pressure…”

Immediately, one of the judges, Jordi Cruz, interrupted her and shouted at her: “Do you know what is happening? Pepe is asking you questions. I will not ask you any questions, I just want to say goodbye. I took questions from him.” An opportunity for a lot of people.” He spoke with a very serious face.

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Tamara responded that she felt frustrated, and that she did not feel like “continuing the same dynamic” because she was not feeling well. “Forgive me, but it's more important for me to be okay than to disappoint you. With all the love in the world, I'm so sorry.” Then the third judge, Samantha Vallejo Najera, rebuked him because he once told them that first there was “his well-being,” then his mother’s well-being, then her husband’s well-being, and then her son’s well-being. “Very well, bye,” Cruz shrugs with a reproachful face. MasterChef later aired a contestant criticizing Tamara for quitting, calling her selfish.

Public policies

Garcia, who questioned a program in which mental health was downplayed in prime time when society made it a central issue and his ministry worked to put it “at the center of attention for everyone,” stressed that “this is not selfish, but a courageous decision.” Policies”.

For this reason, SANETAT has established a Mental Health Commissioner, whose aim is to focus on the underlying causes of many mental disorders, the so-called social determinants. “What generates this pain is lack of housing, male violence or work,” Garcia says. The Chief of Health is also committed to reducing the intake of psychotropic substances as they are the main solution to mental disorders.

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