The opening shot of the Alzheimer's Association's “Cognitive Review” campaign

The opening shot of the Alzheimer's Association's “Cognitive Review” campaign

The aim of this initiative, in addition to raising public awareness of the importance of early detection of these disorders, is to conduct free neuropsychological tests.

Every 3 seconds a new case of dementia is diagnosed In the world, more than 50 million people already suffer from it. That's why ShEarly diagnosis allows treatment to begin Urgently take measures to try to control the neurocognitive changes.

In this context of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Cognitive Disorders Association of Rios and Camp Pecs It starts every year Population awareness campaign About prevention and assessment of cognitive status, especially of middle age. And so under the name “Cognitive review” are offered Free tests for citizens To detect any possible change in cognitive function.

The tests consist of a Psychological evaluation What is allowed Learn about your cognitive status Of the candidates and Detect potential changes In its normal performance. On the other side, The results are returned to the participants With a brief explanation of the diagnosis obtained as well as the solution of doubts and possible recommendations.

Tests will be conducted in Institute Lerin Neurocognitive to 29 From April They are expected to pass through this equipment Nearly 170 people To perform these tests. In fact, reservations for these tours are already sold out.

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