Girona will improve the air conditioning at the Mercat del Lleó before the summer

Girona will improve the air conditioning at the Mercat del Lleó before the summer

Girona will improve the air conditioning at the Mercat del Lleó before the summerAniol Recyclosa

Girona City CouncilAir conditioning at Mercat del Léó will be improved Before summer, for In front of extreme temperatures As is the case in the months of June, July, and August, in addition to Low temperatures experienced during the winter months. As the city council explained in a statement, it will be purchased Two new air conditioning and heating devices Which will be added to the existing ten heat and cold pumps that bring hot air to the equipment through large pipes located at the top of the market.

The procedures will mainly consist ofEr, refrigeration works and electrical installations necessary to install the two new devices. In order to prevent new appliance compressors from generating more heat load within the market, They will be placed outside.

Improving your air conditioning is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it will ensure comfort all year round, and this will not only contribute to customer satisfaction, but will also allow stall owners to operate in a more pleasant and healthy environment, thus enhancing the quality of the fresh produce they offer. It will also mean a reduction in energy consumption, thanks to the incorporation of more efficient technology. This measure, together with other improvement projects, will contribute to the revitalization of the area and transform the Mercat del Léó into a reference space for all Girona residents.“, commented Deputy Mayor and Economic Promotion Advisor to the City Council, Gemma Jess y Carreras.

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Rising temperatures around the world due to climate change; The installation of refrigeration equipment for food preservation and the obsolescence of the Mercat del León refrigeration system, installed in 2002, made it necessary to improve the air conditioning system on the market in order to improve the thermal sensation inside the equipment worldwide. year. Bid budget for procurement is from 35.401.38 eurosExcluding VAT, the contract duration will be five weeks from the date of signing the remortgage verification report.

The Lion Market consists of 59 indoor stalls From poultry, game, game, cheese, fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and cooked products, among others, it offers fresh, high-quality local products without interruption throughout the year.

In 1944, the new building of the municipal supply market, known as the Lion Market, was officially opened. Since that time, many improvement and modernization measures have been implemented to make it more comfortable and safe for customers and stall owners. Last March, the interior flooring for the market was contracted.

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