With these things you can go everywhere, it's a real revolution

With these things you can go everywhere, it's a real revolution

Technological innovations lead Ducati and Yamaha to look beyond motorcycles with crazy projects.

Some two-wheeler brands have managed to embed themselves in the collective imagination much more than others, and successes in the racing world have undoubtedly helped their reputations grow. This can be seen for example with two giants of caliber ducati and yamaha, The last two winning teams in MotoGP.

Ducati and Yamaha Beyond Motorcycles (Canva – flopgear.it)

In fact, before the Italian company's dominance began, the Frenchman won the world championship in 2021 Fabio Quartararo On Yamaha. An exceptional victory that allowed the Frenchman to enter motorcycle legend forever. However, Iwata is now struggling greatly in various categories, not even managing to win them Superbike and MXGP.

The Superbowl championship won by Jonathan Rea only deceived the fans of the Japanese company, which was only able to compensate for it in the British Superbike, thanks to the hat-trick he won in both races. Vickers, Kent and Reid. However, Ducati and Yamaha are also looking to the future, with new projects that go beyond motorcycles.

Ducati and Yamaha are also on e-bikes: here are the models

What has allowed these two brands to grow over the years is definitely their ability to keep up with the times in terms of technological development. For this reason, exceptional two-wheeled bicycles were born, as in the case of some e-bikes, as these bicycles represent the future of mobility, being practical, fast and without any impact.

Ducati Vota

As for the Italian manufacturer, in Borgo Panigale the decision was made to move towards it Futa. This is an e-bike that caters to all the needs of customers, so much so that it can be had in four different sizes, ranging from S to XL. The frame is made of carbon fiber, making it light and practical.

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Ducati Fota (Ducati Press Media – flopgear.it)

The FAS HM 1.0 motor is also excellent, capable of reaching 250Wh. Therefore, the maximum speed is 25 km/h, which means you can drive it even without a licence. Therefore, the e-bike is at the highest level, as the Italian company offers it on the market at a total cost of 7690 euros.

Yamaha Wabash RT

Yamaha's choice to focus on the e-bike market is also interesting, with giant Iwata offering a different strategy. In this case, in fact, the bike can be had in three total sizes, which will take it from S to L, with the frame design made of aluminum.

Yamaha Wabash RT (Yamaha Press Media – flopgear.it)

The motor chosen by the Japanese company is the Yamaha PWSeries ST 3-bolt mount, with which it can drive the bike at speeds of up to 25 km/h. In general, there are eleven speed levels that can be requested from the e-bike in question, with riding that can take place in automatic, eco, standard or high mode and the starting price is 3499 euros.

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