NBA Today: March 19

The Nets have 14 more games to get three more wins and avoid infamy. Jordan is thrilled to be the owner of the Bobcats: “I’ve never been asked to be out at the forefront of an organization. I never had… Continue Reading

Game of the Day: March 19

From now on, I’ll try each day to make a recommendation for an NBA game you all should pay attention to. I’ll try to talk about nationally televised games as often as possible, so you all can watch them. Now… Continue Reading

The NBA’s Best Young Talent

As I’m wallowing in the pathetic, bracket-slaying defeats of the first round of the NCAA tournament (are you reading, Georgetown?), I thought I’d move my mind to brighter things. So despite the alarming number of franchise players that might be… Continue Reading

Reviewing the Mavs’ Winning Streak

Well, I’m glad that’s over. The Dallas Mavericks’ alarming 13-game winning streak came to an abrupt end on Saturday after a 128-94 thrashing by the Knicks (or should I say “David Lee and company”). While a run of that many… Continue Reading


Welcome to Saving the Skyhook, my new blog about all the important news in the NBA. What you’ll find here Ideally, I’ll be posting my thoughts on the biggest issues the league’s facing on a daily basis. In many cases,… Continue Reading