We have rain to touch

We have rain to touch

the weather forecast This Friday, April 26, marks the arrival of A Change time Accompanied by A RainstormWhich, if nothing changes, will leave water all over Catalonia and, in particular, will target the headwaters of the rivers Between the weekend and next week.

Weather forecast for this one FridayWhether in Barcelona or in the rest of the metropolitan area, it stands out Many clouds And some drops or Spray it With little substance the closer we get to the sea, the fewer options there are to see the spray.

All this together Temperatures Much more by the end of April or a little earlier. The good news is that you can never know No short term heat The rain can become quite continuous.

  • 6am: The morning is a little chilly
  • 9 a.m.: Thin clouds and shy trees
  • 12:00 noon: heavy clouds
  • 3 pm: Spring weather, with maximum temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius
  • 6pm: Some drops from inland pre-coastal areas
  • 9 pm: Many clouds threaten at times

Umbrella dust countdown

After a half-asleep Thursday, the weather forecast for the last Friday in April doesn't offer much news. Thin, clear clouds in the early morning, anticipating an appearance as the hours pass Thicker clouds It becomes clearer.

The weather in the first hour is a bit dark amazingVery similar to the last few hours, between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius.

Evening with one The sky is redder and grey With intermittent rain showers, which are likely to come from inland pre-coastal areas. They will be less likely to touch the sea. environment spring With values ​​below the 20 degree Celsius mark.

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In the rest of the country, Spray it They will refresh themselves in the Pyrenees after lunch, after the first morning break. Rain will fall more heavily in Alt Ripollès, Alta Garrotxa and near the Serra de l'Albera. At the end of the day, rainfall will spread to the rest of the Pyrenees.

Therefore, we will follow a lot pending For weather map updates as well as the route it follows StormWhich may lead to general and heavy rain between Sunday and Tuesday.

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