“Jingle Hoops” Continues War on Thanksgiving, But We’ll Allow It Because It’s Awesome


There’s a pretty good chance that if you watch the latest NBA Christmas ad, you’ll be humming “Jingle Bells” by the end of the day and driving all of your co-workers insane. Continue Reading


Fun With SportVU: Successful Assist Percentage

Image by ARM Climate Research Facility via Flickr

It’s time for some fun with the SportVU player tracking data! Which players have the most assist opportunities per game, and which of those players see the largest percentage of those passes lead to made baskets? Continue Reading


David Stern, The “Soft” NBA, And The Long Shadow Of The Malice At The Palace

Image by Andrew Nicholson via Flickr

David Stern’s comments that the Malice at the Palace was the low point of his tenure at commissioner should remind us all just why referees are so quick to call double technical and flagrant fouls. They never want to see a repeat of those events. Continue Reading

15-Footer, 11/11/13: The Struggle On The Road, Or NBA Blues Travelers


15-Footer time! A little bit of word association, a little bit of comparing a team to puppies, a whole lot of teams struggling on the road. Which probably means all the home teams will lose tonight, because that’s the way things go. Continue Reading

15-Footer, 11/8/13: Group Therapy


15-Footer time! 12 games on the Friday night slate. We’ve got word association and Hot Sports Takes for you. Dive on in! Continue Reading

15-Footer, 11/7/13: Free Association For A Three-Game Slate


15-Footer time! What’s that? You wanted more free association? Well, my friend, you are in luck. Let Robby Kalland and myself drill deep into your subconscious with some basketball nuggets.

…do nuggets drill things? Whatever. IT’S WORD ASSOCIATION THERE ARE NO RULES. Continue Reading