Slamball is back with a Kickstarter and you should give them your money

Flickr: jetheriot

Flickr: jetheriot

This is it, people. This is our moment to make something amazing happen. If you’ve ever thought that the many hours you spent on the internet meant little in the grand scheme of things, we can remedy that together, right now.

SlamBall is back, and through Kickstarter, wants one more go at becoming a national spectacle.

100% of you are likely asking yourselves, “What is Slamball?” I’m confident of this because those that are aware of SlamBall’s existence have already gone to donate to the Kickstarter. SlamBall is a gift from the heavens that us mere mortals haven’t appreciated enough. It’s basketball, with tackling, on TRAMPOLINES. It’s quite literally NBA Jam in real life. Sadly, while it had some stretches on national TV and hasn’t gone defunct, the sport needs our help to finally give it the grand stage it deserves.

You can watch highlights and get the full details about the project on their Kickstarter page, but to sum up: SlamBall wants a settled location to help convince TV networks to broadcast their games. They also want a full season and consistent fan base. Their plan? Station SlamBall in Las Vegas using your $500,000 and host a tournament that will be televised. If they can reach $2,000,000 they will put on a four week season.

Why should you donate? IT’S HOOPS ON TRAMPOLINES WITH TACKLING IT’S SO RIDICULOUSLY FUN TO WATCH THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO WANT THIS. This is our time, people of the basketball interwebs. Let us seize this tremendous opportunity.

David Vertsberger

David Vertsberger cares a little too much about basketball topics that few others discuss and basketball in general, probably. He also runs Brooklyn's Finest of ESPN's Truehoop Network and can be followed on Twitter at @_Verts.

  • Jettero Fletcher

    Dude, you can get the STINKING championship trophy named after you. THE STINKING CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!! The O’Brien Trophy, the Lombardi trophy, and the (insert name here) championship trophy. All in the same sentence!!
    Time to break open the piggybank…;)