Yesterday in the Las Vegas Summer League: Jabari and Wiggins draw a sellout crowd

Welcome to Las Vegas Summer League 2014. We made it.

The guys–players and bloggers alike–are out here taking Soulja’s words to heart. Yesterday was day one of the event, and already we’ve seen quite a few impressive plays. So let’s see what happened yesterday in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks

It was a shame that Shane Larkin’s 2014 Summer League experience only lasted a few minutes, but it’s hard to keep playing when this happens to you. RIP Shane. 




Los Angeles Lakers vs. Toronto Raptors

I was sitting 10 feet from the court watching but I’m not sure this game actually happened. Was there a real live game played between the Lakers and Raptors? Who knows. Oh well, guess we’ll never know for sure. On to the main event.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Jabari Parker vs. Andrew Wiggins

Awwwww yeaahhhhhhh. Now this was fun. The Cox Pavillion was so full that people were standing two rows deep in the doorway to try and get a glimpse of the top two picks from this summer’s draft. All the excitement flowing through the arena gave the illusion of this being a playoff game. Alas, Jordan Taylor and Jack Cooley were on the court, but still, it felt like a playoff game.

Anyways, Jabari and Wiggins looked good. So too did Giannis, but that’s to be expected.

Also, Anthony Bennett! Eight fouls, but he looked good. He looked like a real player!

Sacramento Kings vs. San Antonio Spurs

I have to be honest, I was pretty checked out at this point and I ended up leaving at halftime, but there were still some neat things happening. Also, in case you were wondering, Ben McLemore jumps really high on his jumpers.

Oh man. Nik Stauskas put Jeff Ayres on the ground, at which point Ayres was asked to leave the gym. OHHHH BABBYYYY.

DeMarcus Cousins was in the building wearing a Japanese football jersey and signing autographs while people behind him were keeping it casual.


*Changed in order to avoid being fired by Jared.

Jack Maloney