Last night in the NBA Playoffs: Clippers and Pacers stage furious comebacks

Good morning, here is an important Vine that you need to watch. It is completely unrelated to basketball, but just watch it anyway.


Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Clippers

This game started off about as poorly as a game of basketball can start for the Clippers. First of all Blake Griffin was getting punched in a very painful area like two minutes into the game.


And #LetWestBrookBeWestbrook was in full effect early on, throwing down dunks and drilling threes.

Plus they were getting killed. The Thunder were up 32-15 after the first quarter, and anything the Clippers tried to get going was thrown right back in their face, kind of like this.

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The Thunder were just flexing on them, figuratively, because they were up by so many points, but also literally when Kevin Durant flexed after an and-one.

GIF: Kevin Durant runs into DeAndre Jordan and finishes the p... on Twitpic

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But the Clippers weren’t done, because they have the one and only Point God, Darren Collison Chris Paul. No but seriously, Collison was also amazing in the fourth quarter.

First though, there was this awesome alley-oop to DeAndre Jordan.

GIF: DeAndre Jordan crushes an alley-oop over Serge Ibaka on Twitpic

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And then all sorts of crazy stuff happened in the fourth quarter. Like take this ridiculous one-handed pass by Russell Westbrook.

GIF: Alternate angle of Westbrook's lefty pass on Twitpic

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You know what, you should actually just go ahead and re-watch the whole fourth quarter, because it was absurd.

Like, Darren Collison, yeah, DARREN COLLISON, scored 12 points in the fourth quarter, including the Clippers’ final four points to lead them to victory. Why is that ever happening, let alone a playoff game. I just… I don’t know. 2014 is amazing.


Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards

Hey look, the Wizards have Sam Cassell on their team now. Oh wait, never mind he’s actually just a coach. Yeah, just got confused their for a second by his nice defense on C.J. Watson.

Sam Cassell double-teams CJ Watson on Twitpic

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Just like the Thunder before them, the Wizards were basically unstoppable in the first half. They were, you might say, making the Pacers Beal before Zod.

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GIF: John Wall behind-the-back in transition on Twitpic

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But then the Pacers started making a comeback, and Roy Hibbert was happy again.


It was the Paul George show, as he dropped 39 and grabbed 12 rebounds to lead the Pacers all the way back.


The Zards did have a chance to tie it in the final seconds, but then Trevor Ariza threw the ball away.

And all the Wizards players (and fans) were left looking like this.

GIF: Analysis of the Wizards 4th quarter on Twitpic

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