Kevin Durant Unhappy With Loss

Kevin Durant is a competitor. He’s hungry to win and frequently carries his Thunder team all the way to the finish line. On Monday night against the Grizzlies, Oklahoma City fought but came up short against the seven-seed. But if it wasn’t for KD’s heroics, there wouldn’t have been any comeback at all.

With just 13.3 seconds remaining on the clock and the Thunder down five, the game almost looked out of reach for the home team. Yet, Durant did the unthinkable. After receiving a tough pass from Russell Westbrook, Durant threw up a desperation three-pointer, drawing the foul and draining the fadeaway, off-balanced shot.

The game eventually went into overtime and after an all-night battle, the Grizzlies emerged with the 111-105 victory. Durant, however, stole the show and finished with a game-high 36 points, shooting 12-of-28 from the field while grabbing down 11 rebounds. Though after the game, the superstar couldn’t care less about the clutch shot:

This is a testament to the type of player Durant is. You can throw out all of the highlights and personal accolades – the man just wants to win. Plain and simple. And if he keeps playing like this, the winning will surely come.


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  • jayson betorio

    Nah…Durant was selfish during the dying seconds of that game. He was too selfish to set-up a play or he is not used to sharing the ball to the best open man during clutch situation just like what Lebron would do. He needs to have more basketball IQ and learn to get others involve. He was being doubled on his last shot but instead of finding the open man he went for the clutch shot. You can only have too many clutch shots. Eventually the defense will increase it’s pressure on you knowing how good Durant is during those kind of situations. A great player with high IQ would be wise enough to share the ball to the best open man if doubled.

    • Jack Maloney

      Durant took 10 shots in the 4th and OT. Westbrook took 14. Durant was definitely sharing the ball. And with 20 seconds left he dished it to Ibaka when he cold have taken a shot and Ibaka traveled.

      • jayson betorio

        You know for a fact that it was a bad pass. Something Ibaka was not expecting. Nevertheless I was referring to that very last play. Besides the entire team shot below 40% if i’m not mistaken. Durant made how many out of 28 attempts, maybe it was 10 I think? Let’s face it Durant maybe will take the MVP this season but during playoffs he gotta learn how to trust his teammates if the defense is really good.

        • Jack Maloney

          What? The last two shots Durant took were a decent look at a three with his team down 4 and 10 seconds left (No one else was open when he shot that one, btw) and then a three with his team down 6 and 5 seconds remaining that didn’t matter whatsoever.

          • jayson betorio

            I remember that play, like there were more or less 20 seconds left they were down by 4, he was obviously looking for a 3 then went to the middle and when he shot he ball the ball, there were like 2-3 Griz players who have at least contested the attempt. I also want top say that both Durant and Westbrook are taking too many shots. Can they just share the ball Maybe if Westbrook become a pass first player then they have a better chance of winning this series. They need a reliable true PG. I’ll bet my mobile home but I am feeling Griz would take this series in 5.