Tim Duncan and Patty Mills Shake on Job Well Done (Video)

Last night the Spurs went into Indiana and embarrassed the Pacers, leading to boos raining down on the home team.

With a few minutes remaining, and the bench closing things out, Tim Duncan and Patty Mills–chilling on the bench–shared a business like handshake.

It was pretty funny to see this exaggeratedly formal celebration from two future Hall of Famers.


(h/t to reddit/r/nba)


  • Spursrule

    It’s obvious whoever wrote the story is not a Spurs fan! Just watch the video and see Tim Duncan and PATTY MILLS shaking hands. Just so the author can figure out who Tony Parker is, he is the other player in the video.

    • Jack Maloney

      Yes I’m sorry about that and it was quickly corrected. But you are correct that I’m not a Spurs fan.