A Very Important Knicks .Gif

As we’ve noted numerous times today, Caremelo Anthony set a personal and franchise record for points last night with 62. While it was impressive, awesome, whatever adjective you want to attach to it, it wasn’t the only important thing that happened during last night’s Knicks game. There was also this .gif.



Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

First of all we have Carmelo finally taking a seat on the bench after his incredible night. Just look at his smile, he’s so happy. The whole time he’s grinning from ear to ear and shaking his head in disbelief. Seeing this pure emotion is awesome.

Then we have Amar’e Stoudemire (in street clothes) also smiling as wide as he possibly can, congratulating his buddy Carmelo on the achievement. At the end, he hits him with a little elbow nudge that looks almost comical. Again, awesome.

Up in the top left we have Iman Shumpert, playing it cool, throwing his arms around Carmelo and J.R. Smith. He “mean-mugs” for the camera, rubs Caremlo’s head and throws up a salute all in the span of a few seconds. Still awesome.

And of course, there’s J.R. Always the showman, he leans over to make sure he’s in the camera shot. Then he poses with his hand on his chin, in deep thought about what club he’s hitting up after the game. Finally, he looks up (likely at a video board) and throws up a salute that Shump immediately copies. Just awesome.

It’s been a brutal season for Knicks fans, but at least last night was awesome, just like this .gif.

(h/t @_Marcus_D)