Guy Steals Kyle Lowry’s Shoes From Raptor Fan (Video)

A few days ago, the Toronto Raptors traveled to Chicago, coming away with a 85-79 win over the Bulls.

This clip, however, comes to us from after the game.

As Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry is making his way down the tunnel, he stops to take off his shoes and toss them to a Raptors fan leaning over the railing.

The Raptors fan, undoubtably excited, is crushed however, when a guy cuts in front of him and snatches not one, but both of Lowry’s shoes.

What a jerk.

At least it was an adult-on-adult crime and the guy didn’t snatch the shoes from a kid. But still, Lowry was clearly throwing the shoes to the Raptors fan. He even alters his second throw to try and get it around the thief.

It was bad enough to take the first shoe. At least let the guy get the second one.

Too bad. Better luck next time, Raptors fan.

(h/t to Deadspin)