Pass of the Night: John Wall to Jan Vesely (Video)

Last night the Washington Wizards welcomed the Los Angeles Clippers to the nation’s capital for a match-up that pitted the league’s best point guard, Chris Paul, against John Wall, one of the rising stars at the position.

Both Paul and Wall (It’s the ice man…) played very well, but Paul showed off why he is truly the point god, leading the Clippers to a 113-97 victory.

Paul finished the night with 38 points, 12 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals, making Wall’s 24 point, 12 assist, 3 rebound performance look rather pedestrian.

But while it was Paul that got the better of the individual match-up and led his team to a win, it was Wall who snagged the honors for Pass of the Night.

A few minutes into the 2nd quarter, Wall brought the ball down the left side of the court. Eventually, Trevor Ariza arrived to set a screen, but quickly slipped it and floated out to the corner. He did do enough to get Wall a bit of separation however.

As Wall moved to his right towards the paint, he spotted DeAndre Jordan lurking in front of the basket. But in an effort to protect the rim from a possible Wall drive, Jordan left his man, Jan Vesely unattended.

Wall and Vesely both realized this, and as Vesely made the universal “lob” signal with his finger, Wall hit him with a perfect pass that the big man slammed home.


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