CJ Watson Gets Trapped In A Bathroom, Roy Hibbert Videotapes It All

The Indiana Pacers started their annual west coast trip on Sunday in L.A. against the Clippers. Then they went to Portland, where Paul George’s career night went to waste, and last night, they were in Salt Lake City, where they handled business and took care of the woeful Jazz.

After playing an exhausting three games in four nights, the Pacers now have a well deserved two days rest until they face off against the Spurs on Saturday. Then they just have the Thunder to look forward to on Sunday before heading back home to host the Miami Heat on Tuesday night.

Talk about a tough schedule…

Anyways, as always with these road trips, there is a lot of travelling involved, most of which is done in the air, but also on the road in buses that aren’t really roomy enough to fit anything other than us averagely sized folk. But that’s besides the point. While traveling from Houston to San Antonio, which is a three-and-a-half hour bus ride, CJ Watson aka Quiet Storm had a slight issue: He got locked in the bathroom. And you and I both know that bus bathrooms aren’t usually the nicest of places to, you know, drop the kids off at the pool…if you catch my drift.

I’ll stop with the toilet humor now. Let’s just get to the video.

In true CJ Watson fashion, all he said in response to this was, “Smh lol.” He really doesn’t waste any words, does he?

Scott Rafferty