ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

Starting today, this will be a daily feature on Saving the Skyhook – ICYMI: Basketball Writing Around the Web.

We will feature writing from newspapers to blogs, from established, well known writers to someone you may never have heard of – basically anything we think is good work and worth your time to read.

So with that, here are today’s featured pieces.

What’s Wrong With Dwight Howard’s Free Throw Stroke: By Dylan Murphy (@DylanTMurphy)

From the always excellent Hardwood Paroxysm, Dylan Murphy explains the issue with Dwight Howard’s free throw shooting. In an incredibly in-depth piece, Murphy goes through multiple components of the shot – from Howard’s gather to his knee bend, and how the Rockets’ big man has tried to fix it.


Jun 6, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; San Antonio Spurs point guard Gary Neal (14) takes a three point shot against the Miami Heat in the fourth quarter during game one of the 2013 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Synergy Sights: Gary Neal: By Dakota Schmidt (@Dakota_Schmidt)

This piece comes from FanSided’s Milwaukee Bucks site – Behind the Buck Pass where Dakota Schmidt brings us a very detailed breakdown of Gary Neal’s game. Using various clips from Synergy, Schmidt gives Bucks fans a good idea of what to expect from Neal on both sides of the ball.

The Continuing Defensive Development of Serge Ibaka: By Kevin Yeung (@KevinHFY)

Despite being one of the better defenders in the league, Serge Ibaka has room to grow. By showcasing some of his bad habits, Kevin Yeung, of SB Nation’s Welcome to Loud City, shows us where Ibaka can still improve on the defensive end.

Hope you enjoy today’s suggested reading.

If you have any ideas for articles we should feature, we would love to hear them.

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