Top NBA Players: #10 Deron Williams

Oct 19, 2012; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams (8) dribbles the ball against the Philadelphia 76ers during the second half at Barclays Center. 76ers won 106-96. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Deron Williams
Resume: 21.0 points (9th in league, career best), 3.3 rebounds, 8.7 assists (5th in league), 1.2 steals, 36.3 minutes, 115 threes made (career best), 40% FG, 34% 3PT, and 84% FT… Team record in games played: 21-34 (1-10 without)… All-Star

What exactly do we know about Deron Williams? He’s been selected as a back-up point guard for Team USA for the previous two Summer Olympics. He almost got into a fist fight with Jerry Sloan and is likely the reason that Sloan resigned as Utah Jazz head coach. Anything else? No, I’m being serious. I’m actually asking you guys for help because I’ve got nothing else. How the hell is a Top 10 player in the league so damn boring? Shoot, this isn’t good for the sake of this write-up.

It’s impossible not to find any humor in the fact that the Nets are making their move to Brooklyn (a city where basketball was played in the streets and self-expression, creativity and personality was a vital part of the game) with the most unenthusiastic and boring star player in the NBA (Williams) and the most unenthusiastic and boring 2nd fiddle in the NBA as well (Joe Johnson) headlining the roster. That’s high comedy right there. I’m not trying to take anything away from the way the two of them play either. I love Deron Williams’ game. He does just about everything you could want a point guard to do, and he does it all extremely well. We just don’t know a whole lot about him. He’s a bit of a mystery.

Williams was the number 3 pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, but wasn’t even close to being the most popular or talked about player on his own college team. That honor went to Dee Brown, who played in just 68 career NBA games, a number that was doubled by the 137 he played at Illinois. Maybe it was because Brown had cool cornrows and Williams hair looks like it is painted on his head, but we don’t know that for sure. Anyway, Williams has had just a tad bit more success than Brown did in the NBA. In his seven years in the NBA Williams has been in the top 5 in assists per game six times, a frequent mention in any discussion about the best point guards in the NBA, and a better postseason player than regular season player. That little nugget can’t be neglected.

The question now is what kind of team will the Brooklyn Nets be? Can Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, the overrated-in-my-opinion Brook Lopez, Kris Kardashian Humphries and a mediocre at best supporting cast make a splash in the Eastern Conference, and actually give Williams a chance to showcase himself on a bigger stage? The Nets are a playoff team but I can’t see them making an extended run in the postseason. There just isn’t enough from the rest of the roster outside of Williams and Johnson. An even bigger question that should be asked is can Brooklyn emerge as the number one basketball team in New York from a fan base standpoint? It doesn’t look promising in my opinion. I’m just not sure that the Nets can steal away Knicks fans, or even completely gain the approval of the casual fans in New York with the least charismatic superstar in the NBA leading the way. Then again, maybe I’m totally wrong about Williams. There is at least one person in the world who finds Deron Williams completely amazing.