Shaq’s Gettin’ Ready

Photo by fabrisalvetti via Flickr


As you may know, TNT hired Shaq as an NBA analyst soon after his retirement this summer. As you may also know, the NBA has yet to start. This has left the Diesel mothballed for a considerable amount of time, although not more than usual. However, with a CBA agreement rapidly approaching ratification and the season slated to begin Christmas day, TNT is ready to release the Shaqken:

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(h/t to I Am A GM)

Well, that was lovely and typical entertaining Shaq. But well, he’s not a professional musician, so get ready for the real deal(s)! The Temptations delivered the first and most-widely known version of “Get Ready”, which was written by America’s greatest living poet, Smokey Robinson. The title was conferred on Robinson by Bob Dylan, by the way.

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Well, just three years later in 1969, rock and funk band Rare Earth decided to put out a reworked, 21-minute jam version of the song that is the basis for Shaq’s rendition. It eschews the brassier northern soul of the original and adds in an exciting saxophone and drum solo. But I’ll just put on the single-version, the full-length is worth seeking out though!

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And yes, I’m quite ready for the NBA. Only 21 days away!

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