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Bismack Biyombo will not be eligible to play for the Charlotte Bobcats until he settles a contract dispute with Spanish club Fuenlabrada, reports Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer.

Via “Bismack Biyombo Not Cleared By FIBA To Play For Bobcats At End Of NBA Lockout” by Tom Ziller

Surely this comes as potentially devastating news for our friends over at Rufus on Fire. Although, it’s not altogether surprising. This is the peril of drafting international players, most recently seen in Minnesota’s worse-than-imaginable Ricky Rubio Saga. I think Biyombo is a tantalizing talent and worth the time it’ll take to settle this dispute. He has a good attitude and knows where his talent lies and isn’t trying to deviate from it.  There will be no attempts at “across-the-board” success by Bismack.

Biyombo is here to block shots and control the glass. Watching clips of him in action on YouTube, the Congolese wonder does seem to possess an innate ability to anticipate a shot’s release and time the block perfectly. Some players, Shawn Kemp for example to continue my Sonics fetish, were athletic freaks who just happened to swat a few shots while they were at it. Bismack is an athletic freak, but his acumen for rising at the perfect moment to repel FGs is commendable. That timing will come in handy during his later years in the league. When that freakish athleticism takes a lickin’, his inner Timex will keep on tickin’.

Going back to Kemp, he was 6’10” and his blocks per 36 minutes ranged between 1.8 and 2.5 until he turned age 25 and thereafter it began a steady drop. That’s the loss of athleticism, be it from old age or copious eating. Looking at Alonzo Mourning, who was also 6’10”, you can see how timing keeps the blocks a-flowin’. At age 35 he set his career high in blocks per 36 minutes with 4.8 and nearly set a career low at age 25 with only 2.5. Biyombo may not put up such absurd, Zo-like numbers but you can believe his blocks won’t wilt away. I just hope we see him in NBA action sooner rather than later.

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