Lion Face/Lemon Face 12.11.09: Three Games of Goodness

I wanted to see what Matt Damon had in common with each other so I typed their names into Google. I got these results:

Then I remembered they were in this scene together. Hit it, boys!

Lion Face: Carmelo Anthony
40 points on 28 shots is not bad. It’s not bad at all. In fact, I’d be willing to concede that it’s really good. What I’m trying to say is Carmelo James Anthony (Is his middle name “James?”) is a good basketball player. He dropped 40 points on the Pistons in Detroit with 16 of them coming in the fourth quarter. He scored from all over the court tonight as he had the mid-range jumper working to complement his outside jumper and his ability to get the ball to the basket inside. The confusing thing is that he didn’t get more points and shots. When he gets into an offensive groove like that, he really should be force fed on a possession-by-possession basis. There’s no need to go anywhere else. And when push comes to shove, he should definitely be getting the ball during the last possession of the game…

Lemon Face: Nuggets Last Possession
Speaking of, I do NOT like the fact that Chauncey Billups got the last shot in that game. It’s not like he’s a bad option. He used to be a really clutch player. Now? I’d say he’s about average, which gives you a 50-50 shot in theory of him getting that key basket. Whereas with Carmelo on the court, you have about a 300% chance at scoring that basket, especially on a night in which he drops 40 and his league-leading 14th game of 30 or more points. I like Jonas Jerebko and can appreciate how stereotypically Swedish he looks/is but he’s not stopping Carmelo from, at worst, getting to the free throw line on that final possession. Poor decision by the Nuggets.

Lion Face: Tony Allen? Wait, Ray Allen? Did I mean Ray Allen? No, Tony Allen! The same Tony Allen that blew out his knee after the whistle? Ya, THAT Tony Allen. You’re drunk…
Maybe I am drunk, self. And maybe I shouldn’t put so much into the infamous +/- statistic. But it just seemed like when Tony Allen was on the court, good things happened for the Celtics and I feel like his +14 off the bench backs that up. Not to mention he scored eight points and had a couple of steals.

Lemon Face: Randy Foye
As a Wolves fan, I’ll admit there was an irrational couple of years in which I tried to talk myself into Randy Foye over Brandon Roy. As soon as I saw the trade on draft night, I knew Roy would be the better player. I mean, after all, Kevin McHale picked him and then exiled him in one fell swoop so he had to be the better player by default. For years, I tried to see the good in Foye and yet, when he was traded with Mike Miller for the fifth pick in the draft that I figured would end up being Steph Curry or DeMar DeRozan, I was completely fine with it. Why? Because Randy Foye isn’t really that good. He’s probably better off in a reserve role for the Wizards. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s best to give up hope that he’ll ever be a difference-maker. He took 10 shots in 14 minutes against the Celtics and it got him six points. That sums him up.

Lion Face: Rajon Rondo
Over the last three games, Rajon Bow Wow has 30 assists to his three turnovers. That’s absurd. That’s absurdly absurd. He had 21 points and 11 assists against Gilbert Arenas on Thursday night. I think it’s about time we start clearing a perennial spot on the All-Star team for this Like Mike star. Plus, he does stuff like this:

Lemon Face: Jason Williams
It’s not fair to him really since he was going against Deron Williams but his two points, five assists and three turnovers in 31 minutes didn’t exactly jump start this Orlando attack against Utah.

Lion Face: Ben Wallace
Did you realize that Ben Wallace is still getting it done? He had 16 rebounds against the Nuggets on Thursday and it got me to look up his stats for the season. He’s averaging a block/steal combo of about 2.6 per game. He’s just under 10 rebounds per game (9.8). He’s giving the Pistons some much needed presence on the board since they’re trying to convince people that Charlie Villanueva is a “power” forward and that Jason Maxiell is over 5’10”. Keep it up, Ben!

Lemon Face: Caron Butler
Caron Butler used to be good, right? Like, really good? So what happened to him? Paul Pierce was only 2/8 from the field and finished with just 12 points and yet he STILL out performed Butler. Caron tried to make up for his 10-point performance with five assists and eight rebounds but I’m on to his ruse. Did you know he’s only averaging 1.7 assists per game this season? He hasn’t scored this low or ineffectively in his entire Washington tenure. He’s also never accounted for so few points on a basketball court since he was with the Lakers.

Lion Face: This Shot by Antawn Jamison
I’ve always contended Jamison has had the best touch around the basket of anybody since he came into the league.

He’s also the best Jamison in the NBA during this time. Sorry, Harold Jamison. You too, Jamison Brewer.

Lemon Face: Mickael Pietrus
I know we all have certain issues with +/- to some degree but a zero-point, -17 effort in just 12 minutes on the court from Mickael has to mean something, right?

Lion Face: Dwight Howard oop

He just has to be a fun guy to play with. I mean, you just throw it anywhere near the basket and he goes and gets it. He’s a point guard’s dream.

Lion Face: Deron Williams
Speaking of dream point guards, I highly suggest you re-watch the performance Deron Williams put on against the Magic. He literally ran the team perfectly as they racked up 120 points. You know how quarterbacks can get that alleged perfect QB rating even though they throw incomplete passes? That was the equivalent of this game for Deron. He knew he had a player that he could dominate all night. When he matched up with Jason Williams, he destroyed him. When a bigger, slower player switched out on him, he blew by him. Throughout this entire process, he was dissecting the Orlando defense with pinpoint passing and superb court vision. 32 points, 15 assists to one turnover and eight rebounds don’t just happen on a basketball court.

Through his scoring and his passing, he accounted from 45 of the Jazz 68 second half points. He ran and managed his team to textbookedly (made it up) in the third quarter when the Jazz erased an eight-point deficit and took control of this game. He had an answer for every Orlando score and then some. That is how you play point guard in the NBA. Like a damn surgeon.

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