Breaking: LeBron James Not Aware Of Concept Of Physical Harm

“If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good,” the Cavaliers superstar said before facing the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. “No matter what team I was on.”

via LeBron believes he ‘could be really good’ in the NFL.

Look, Brony, can I call you Brony? I’m as much a proponent of your dominance as a physical specimen as anyone. I’ve told non-NBA fans that your athleticism is superior to anything in sports today, and that it’s not even close. But estimating that you would be automatically really good if you committed yourself is easy to say when Jared Allen’s disgusting dipbreath isn’t breathing down your neck or Ray Lewis isn’t doing psychotic Heart of Darkness-like chants as you drift over the middle. It’s okay. Your Freudian Ego is an essential part of your domination as a basketball player. But espectially to say no matter what team you’re on? I got news for you pal. I’m a Chiefs fan. I’d take you in a heartbeat tomorrow, and you’d still only be marginally better than Chris Chambers at the end of the season.

Ease up, there, buddy.

Matt Moore

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