Podcast Paroxysm- Special THN Edition 1: Fear and Loathing in the Top 3

On this edition of the Podcast Paroxysm, it’s a very special TrueHoop Network edition. I talk with Kevin Arnovitz of ClipperBlog about whether Blake Griffin is the savior, check in with Royce Young of Daily Thunder on the value of the 3rd pick, and see just how depressing the state of affairs is in Memphis with Chip Crain of 3 Shades of Blue.

Enjoy, listen, celebrate.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for CBSSports.com's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on NBCSports.com, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.