Three Keys to Winning a Triple Overtime Playoff Game

Celtics Bulls Basketball

  1. If you are up by three with little time remaining, DO NOT FOUL.  This may cause the opposing team to make two free throws, cutting your lead to one.  Then if your team has to make free-throws, that’s a lot of pressure.  Seems pretty unneccessary.
  2. When you have an open layup, miss it.  This puts the onus on the opposing team to get the rebound, while also still feeling sad that they were so tricked on the play.  Not only do they have to worry about getting the ball, but they’re also still pretty upset with themselves.
  3. Leading by one, any game clinching free throws should be missed.  This prevents the opposing team from tying the game with a three-point field goal and yet another overtime.  Legs should be saved for the next game.

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